16 December 2011

MUA Nail Polishes

I have three of these MUA nail polishes and thought a would do a review on them.
I have to say I am quite impressed with the colours and the quality of these.
At £1 I think is a BARGIN! You have to buy them x
They don't chip that easierly and they dry pretty quickly and they aplly nicely.
 So I defaintly will be buying some more of these beauties x

from left to right: Shade 21, Shade 9 and Shade 15

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15 December 2011

How-to make Lip Scrubs!

I made these last weekend for my friends for christmas, I also made one for myself and tested it out and they work wonders and they make you lips soo soft. So heres how I made them.

A bowl
Tea spoon or Measuring spoon

Oilve Oil (Must NOT be sunflower or veg)
A Flavouring
I used the juice of an Orange (you could vanilla essence or almond)

You just mix them altogether sometimes it all depends on how much you wnat to make and what you want the consistency to be like!

If you try this out please email me and pic and tell me whether your lips felt soft also after apply lip balm x


13 December 2011

Christmassy Nails!

Hi Guys thought I would just post a blog on my nails I think they are really christmassy. I was thinking of doing candy cane nails but i tried them and it didn't look right on my nails. I used a glittery nail polish that came with a set of stick on nails the glitter is not finely milled and it is quite bumpy. I used the red from my "Piant Splatter Nail" Tutorial. This is from Primark it cam in a set of 5 lipglosses and 5 Nails polishes in the same colours.

28 November 2011

Paint Splatter Nails!

Hi Guys, so I did this Design on my nails and I thought I would show you how i got my Paint Splatter Nails
What you will need:
A base coat :Pratically Perfect No7
White Nail Polish: Marks and Spencer- Bright White Tip
4 Colours of your choice
I chose:
MUA Nail Polish in Shade 9 Blue
Green Sample from Magazine
Collection 2000: 325Nudge Nudge!
Primark: Red Nail Polish

Large Dotting Tool.- I used then end of a make-up brush.

Cocktail stick or Toothpick

First you need to apply a Base Coat

Next you need to paint your Nails white.

Make sure you do about 2 coats to get a opaque white colour.

Make sure Nails are fully dry. Then use your dotting tool and make a blob in one corner using your colour of choice. Whilst dry, get your cocktail stick and use a flicking motion from inside to out in a splat shape. Also add some dots to make it look realistic.

Do the same with the other colours.

A repeat the process

Until all four corners are filled with splats
I tried another Colour Combo.

I used:
Collection 2000- 325 Nudge Nudge!
MUA Shade 9 Blue
Collection 2000 33 Button Moon
Collection 2000 48 Candy Floss

 Hope you enjoyed!
Go out and do your Nails!

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