29 June 2012

Birthday Haul & Pictures

Yesterday was my Birthday...yay! I had the most lovely day.
 I got lots of nice gifts from my friends and family. When I got home from school my Mum and Dad had hung some balloons around the living room, I had some yummy cheesecake and thought I would show you my presents and a couple of pictures.I can't wait to try some of the products out.








18 June 2012

Little bit of creativity

Not my normal post, I know but I thought I would share with you some things I have been getting up to. I was watching "Super Scrimpers" if you have never heard of the programme it is basically a money saving programme I really find the make-up and crafty ones really fun and I watched this one on "how-to make your own scented decorations" and I just loved it, I had couple of bits of material and thread and ribbon that I have wanted to use but I just loved them so much I didn't want to use them. I cut out two heart shapes of the same material and sewed them together just before I got to the end I got some stuffing and stuffed it in until it was quite plump and sewed up the rest. Then I got some ribbon cut it to the right size and tied it on one of the pieces of thread.I really love this idea and using rose material looks really vintage and kitsch (is that the right word?) which I have sort of been getting into..I think I will be making so more different combos and I might use the zig-zag scissors to get a nice effect, hope you enjoyed! Also my birthday is in 9 days I can't wait!!!

17 June 2012

My Week in Photos

Come Dine With Me Dessert, The Sun has come out, Healthy Lunch, Baked some sultana buns, Love my bright jeans and  ice cream sandals so did an OOTD, wrapping up father's day present, made some Milk & White Chocolate Strawberries for father's day, made a summery father's day lunch, freebies/samples came in the post of the fragrance "Womanity" (which smells so awsome!) and L'oreal Everpure Shampoo & Conditioner.

I know lots of people like these posts a little insight into my life, if you would like me to continue doing these posts then just let me know in the comments
What have you been doing this week?


Top- Disney
Hoodie- New Look
Jeans- Primark
Shoes- Primark

16 June 2012

Wishlist #4

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, Elf Powder Brush, Sally Hansen Mega Shine, The wah Nails Book of Nail Art, Light Pink low top Converses, Elf Eye lash curlers, Burt's Bees Lip Balm with Mango Butter.

Just a quick Q: Have you tried both the Insta-Dri and Mega Shine in your opinion which is better?
What things are on your wishlist?

13 June 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Shade 11 Pearl

I love this shade,It is really blenderable and has a pearly shimmer it doesn't crease with or without a primer, the pigmentation is great although it is quite chalky but what can you expect from spending only a mir £1 you also do get a lot of product at 2g.

I would love to get some more but there are no other “safe”,colours that I would purchase which is sad as the other colour are too adventurous for me.

Have you tried any MUA Eyeshadows?
What are your Thoughts?

9 June 2012

Honest Thoughts on Barry M Nail Polishes

This is priced at £2.99 for 10mls which is quite good value (even for a bargain freak like me yes I do want something cheaper than that hehe). I have wanted to try these beauties out after hearing some good and some bad reviews about them some have said they take an age to dry and you have to have so many coats to actually get the colour. But I have to say I have not had that experience, the colour I have tried are Bright Purple, Vivid Purple and Berry Ice Cream they have a huge range of colours which is great to know!

You do need to apply 2-3 coats and you do defiantly need a base coat as the bright/dark colours do seem to stain your nails but that's okay for me as I don't think I put a base coat on. The brush size is great as well quite thin but thin enough so you do have quite a bit of polish on your brush to cover the nail in one go. I do have to say it does take a while to dry which I think you can cope with but if you are in a rush I use my Elegant Touch 60 seconds nail polish drying spray which helps a lot. The only thing that doesn't please me is that they chip so easierly even with a good top coat it only lasts about 3 days which is annoying because I like my nail polish to last a bit longer than that. But I think I might be buying more because of the great colour choice!

What are your thoughts on Barry M Nail Paints?
Your fave colours?

4 June 2012

Wishlist #3

Essie Mint candy Apple, Natural Collection Blusher Peach Melba, 2True Cheek 'n' lip Tint, Garnier Intense 7 days moisturiser Rimmel London Wake me up Foundation 

2 June 2012

Review: Benefit BADgal lash mascara





Hello! So I am sure you have heard from blog world that Glamour magazine have teamed up once again with benefit to bring you a "free" benefit product when buying there mag! I have not ever tired any of their make-up many you can guess from the very hefty price but I jumped at the chance! I always like a good mascara so why not get a benefit one to get the full size of this it is £16.50 for 8.5 g of product but the sample size we get in the mag is 4.0g which I think is pretty good value! 
Sorry for all the rambling now onto my thoughts!

To honest it does what my normal mascaras do and when I unscrewed the lid and pulled out the wand it is huge and there is this little blob at the end of the wand which always annoys me but can be sorted by scraping it off of the side. I wouldn't buy the full size of the product, I will use it but am not that impressed sorry benefit!

Are you thinking of buying the glamour magazine?
Which products will you get?

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?