30 July 2013

Badger Cuticle Care

 photo P1120336_zpsb192b9be.jpg
 photo P1120337_zpsd7b00c7e.jpg
 photo P1120339_zpse8ad8ff4.jpg
 photo P1120371_zpsc93bbf61.jpg
 photo P1120374_zpse6e6c1bd.jpg
I have mentioned this in few posts, but never really talked about in depth. I bought this from FeelUnique for £3.99. I had always had my eye on the cuticle treatments from Burt's Bees, but had always been out of my price range. When I saw this it went straight into my basket. It came it pretty quick time. 

I suppose you could say that the packaging is a little "unusual". I use this almost every night (when I remember and can be bothered!) In the pictures it actually doesn't show you that it is a hard balm, because I was out taking the pictures in 30°c heat and by the time I got to photographing this is a had melted slightly! 

Anyway, to apply you have to swirl your finger around the tin for a little while to warm it up. When you think you have enough apply to cuticles. It does take few minutes to sink in, but as I read before bed it is the best time to do it. So when I am ready to go to bed, it has all sunk it. 

I can tell that my cuticles look and feel about nourished and better looking in general. 

Have you tried this? What nail care do you use?
This is a scheduled post, as I'm away on holiday and won't be back until 3rd August.

29 July 2013

Guest Post: Flossys - Scented Shoes?!

Hello Emily's Blog Followers! it's Livvy from skinny jeans and big brows, I'm guest posting today while Emily's away.

Today I'm talking about something a little bit different from lipstick and nail polishes. Flossy shoes, established for over 25 years were originally worn by sailing enthusiasts within the Barcelona yachting clubs and artist roaming Ibiza's harbours and small towns. Now these plimsolls-looking shoes have come to Europe and become a must have 'fashion and comfort necessity' according to the official Flossy site.
My sister recently bought me a bright pink pair and I have to share them with you all as I'm in love.

 The cushioned inside lining makes them really comfortable, almost like slippers. There really casual shoes that you can style with practically anything and with their range of fun colours, patterns, coloured soles and lace ups, there perfect for everyday but that's not the best part. Flossy shoes are candy floss scented which makes them my favourite shoes of the moment as I love yummy scented products. 

what do you think of the new shoes on the block?

28 July 2013

Strawberry Balmi

 photo P1120340_zpsb66f9941.jpg

 photo P1120342_zpsaffd2851.jpg

 photo P1120344_zpsa864ebd7.jpg

So as you can see I have used this quite alot. As it has lost it's dome like shape. This is the UK's take on the ever so famous EOS lip balms. 

Now packaging wise, it is very appealing. With the really interesting sphere shape. It did come with a phone charm string, which I took off almost immediately. As saw no point in it. It is also very easy to open. You just use a twisting motion, where the two meet. 

It smells lovely, it is not too overpowering. The lipbalm it's self is actually quite wet and not waxy. I have heard that the EOS ones are. To be perfectly honest, I don't mind that, as long as it is moisturizing. Which it is.  

Overall, I would say it is a good lip balm. I would have to say that it is something I would not really splash out £4.99, for a lip balm again though. But it has lasted pretty well. 

So if you are wanting to treat yourself, then yes Balmi is the way forward. At some point I am sure I will get my hands on an EOS lip balm.

Have you tried these out? 
How does this compare with ESO?
This is a scheduled post, as I'm away on holiday and won't be back until 3rd August.

27 July 2013

Makes/DIY/Crafts to do over Summer to keep you busy!

I am quite a arty/crafty person. I thought I would share with you some things that I will be trying over Summer. It is always good to keep your yourself/mind busy. These are just a few fun things to do ranging from drink to beauty!

All Above images from WeHeartIt

DIY Wrap Bracelets
Braided Anchor Bracelets 
Friendship Bracelet

Home/Outdoor Decorations
Glowing Jars
Heart Tea Light Holders

Design & Make your own Fabric

DIY Sea Salt Spray
Coconut & Beeswax Lip Balm
DIY Lemon Body Scrub

Food & Drink
Watermelon Ice Drink

Hope you have fun making/trying these out! 

This is a scheduled post, as I'm away on holiday and won't be back until 3rd August.

26 July 2013

My Favorite Scented Hand Gels

 photo P1120319_zpsf55d672c.jpg

 photo P1120321_zps7a154d62.jpg

 photo P1120328_zpsd6aaabd8.jpg
Hand sanitiser it this best thing going. It is so handy and can easily be popped into your bag. It is a need in my mind especially now that it is Summer. They can also come in some great scents too! I just wanted to share with you all today, some that I love! There is no need to deal with highly alcohol scented ones no more.  

Cuticura Hand Gel - Mango & Passion Flower
This I think wins it for being the most quickest dry hand gel in this group. It leaves you hands feeling clean and smelling rather fruity. 

Soap & Glory Hand Maid
I remember getting this free in the 3 for 2 offer. I never really gave it a second thought, I just popped it into my basket. This was my second scent hand gel. Before that I discovered Carex Grapefruit, which is awesome! But this has more of a 'girly' scent. 

Bath & Body Works Vanilla Cupcake PocketBac
I have wanted to try one of these for AGES! Ever since I saw them, I think some American youtuber featured it in a haul. The array of scents is vast! This was among one of the presents that Izzy got for my Birthday. How pleased I am to have got to finally try this. It is the most sweetest scent of vanilla, it also doesn't have that 'artifical' scent of vanilla. I love that inside there are little beads, which 'pop' when you rub your hands together. I also love the shape of these, I haven't ever seen something like it before. Can we also address how cute the label is too? If you ever get the chance to buy one of these, I recommend that you do it. You will not be disappointed by these. 

Assanis Kids Titeuf Hand Gel
I got these whilst in France last year, at a French Pharmacy. While my friend Izzy was paying for her shopping, I was just gazing at the till and there were these. They were just over €1. Which is pretty good. I like the size of them and the packaging. The green one smells like apples and the red is scented with red berries. They are quite small but you only ever need a drop or two, but it means that they can fit into even the smallest of bags! I only wish I could buy some more!

What are your favorite Scented Hand Gels?

25 July 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Are Here!

Image from Weheartit

So this has been the longest of waits. But is now over, the baby lips from Maybelline are now available to buy in the UK! Both Boots and Superdrug have got them in stock. Currently there is a 3 for 2 offer at boots. 

I have just ordered mine from Superdrug as they had free shipping but there was some flavors that are already out of stock. They are retailing for a measly £2.99. I can't wait for mine to arrive, so I can do a review on them.

Will you be getting them?

24 July 2013

Burt's bees tinted lip balm - Red Dahlia

 photo P1120351_zpsb1afd19f.jpg

 photo P1120356_zps52ec3407.jpg

 photo P1120358_zps4b9c6f2f.jpg

 photo P1120368_zps46c86999.jpg

This was another one of Izzy's wonderful gifts, that she got me for my birthday. I had seen quite a few reviews about this floating around the internet, and all looked good! 
I love the packaging it looks so cool. It smells nice too, I can't really put my finger actually on what it smells like but it does smell quite organic? Which is fine by me. What also appeals to me is the 100% natural claim, which is very impressive.
I really like the colour of this. I would have never chosen something like this. But I do love it very much. It is a very dark reddy brown in the stick. But it isn't very bold but it very sheer. It applies like a dream. Just like a lip balm. It keeps my lips ever so moisturized and never feeling dehydrated.It gives your lips a lovely glossy sheen to them as well. It will probably need applying within a couple of hours if you wanted to keep the colour for longer. Similarly, it does wear evenly so you won't have to worry about patchy lips. I would really highly recommend this to anyone, I would love to try out some more colours. So if you have a review, please link it below! It would be much appreciated. 
Have you tried this, what colour do you have it in?

22 July 2013

Small H&M Haul

I did a H&M order a while back. H&M do take a while to package your order, but once it is been packaged and dispatched it doesn't take long. Mine came this morning. Now this isn't a massive haul but I thought I would show you what I got anyway. Sorry they are all a bit creased, are assume that happened whilst in transit but hope fully you get the gist of it. H&M always have some great deal codes, all the time (they now having free shipping!). Also if the items below are still available to buy, I will link them for you.

Watermelon Vest 

Since seeing this on H&M, I knew I wanted it and needed it my wardrobe! I love any funky t-shirts like these. Now the sizing is a little odd I suppose you could say. I wasn't sure whether to get an 8 or a 10. So I went with 10. I didn't want it to be to tight but it is a little on the baggy side. But it is okay, I will just have to wear a bandeau top underneath as the arm holes are a little low, than I would prefer. 

 photo P1120296_zpsb8ad0690.jpg

Pink Pocket Vest

This is designed to be a crop top. Now I don't get them, because why have a short top? Surely you tummy will get chilly, unless of course it is super hot...but anyway I got in a size 10. It is not as "boxy" as the watermelon one but it is much better. This also cost a steal at £1. Yep you got that right one measly pound. 

 photo P1120298_zpsaabf2380.jpg

White/Black Aztec Triangle Vest
I really love this top. I love the simple but slightly aztec feel it gives. I got this in a 10. It is a little large and long but I'm sure I will be able to style it so that is can work...

 photo P1120297_zpsd2e1fb35.jpg

Basic Black 3/4 Leggings
These aren't the most interesting item. But it was a must for me when I saw them in the sale for £4. I have a pair of 3/4 length ones, but they are in a size 10-11 years. They also still fit, I think they stretched in the wash, but I am really slim anyway. Also the label at the back really annoys me as it itches. 

Have you recently made an order on H&M?

21 July 2013

Inspiring Images

I find so many images these days, and some really inspire me. I normally go on Tumblr, but since I have discovered Weheartit. I think it is slightly better, many of the pictures are a lot more up beat and colour. Not saying that all images on Tumblr are not but I just prefer we heart it a little more. 

Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you a range of different images which I have been interested/inspired. This may become a weekly event on a Sunday, it all depends on what the opinion is from all of you guys, but we shall see. Now enjoy the following images.

 photo large9_zps32ce3dd2.jpg photo large1_zpsdf8086c2.png photo large10_zpsaa838fc7.jpg I photo large6_zpsb85d637b.jpg
 photo large2_zps42c61b26.jpg

 photo large_zps7f0a66a3.jpg photo large3_zpsc9eab2a4.jpg photo large1_zps640438a9.jpg photo large_zpsd73450c5.png photo large8_zps8ff06138.jpg  photo large5_zps97da65cd.jpg  photo large4_zps6fe35254.jpg  photo large7_zps47d47f99.jpg  photo tumblr_mprty7qox21rzwv55o1_500_zpsb2559cb0.png
 photo large11_zps1c44c371.jpg

20 July 2013

The Body Shop Haul

I get quite a few emails from The Body Shop on a regular basis. Always telling me what offers they had on. Unfortunately I didn't decide quick enough that I wanted to make an order. Which meant that I could have got 40% discount and free shipping if I spent £5 or more. 
However, I got another email probably the week after, telling me there was a 35% off discount and the same shipping offer as before. So I put these items in my shopping basket.

 photo P1020653_zps88876b0a.jpg

 photo P1020652_zpsb2b6d35e.jpg

I planned on getting a bath lily/puff, so that went straight in there. They usually cost £2 but with the discount I got it for £1.30. They are really worth it in my mind, they are soo dense and foam up your shower gel lovely! 

Next went in a face mask. I have wanted to try a face mask from them for ages and thought that the Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask, would be most suitable for me (and my skin). Again retailing for £1.50, it was cut down to 98p. I will tell you how I get on with this in a future post. 

I have had my eye on their Shower gels for ages! I wanted to get the satsuma one but it was just for slightly a higher price. So I settled for the Passion Fruit Shower Gel, which is funny colour (than I am used to) at first but I will see how it goes.

Last but no means least was one of their Body Butters. As I have been loving my Vineyard Peach body butter, I thought I would try another one. In the list was this one, a Lemon one and a Papya. I went for the passion fruit one (which is still currently on offer). It smells...soo good, I want to eat it (but I won't, don't worry!) They normal go for £13, but this was in the sale for £5. But then adding on the 35% discount it was a steal at £3.25. Bargain! 

So all in all in came up to *drum roll* :  £ 7.48. Which is brilliant and I didn't have to pay for shipping which sometimes really makes me not make an order anywhere online. 

Have you done some online shopping recently?

18 July 2013

My Favorite Summer Perfume - Escada Rockin' Rio

 photo P1120227_zps4c6bc78c.jpg

 photo P1120228_zps5f962abd.jpg
 photo P1120226_zps61a48844.jpg
 photo P1120239_zps3fde695c.jpg
Escada says - “Escada Rockin Rio introduces playful accords inspired by the ultimate fruity cocktail composed of sweet and fresh fruity zests enriched with coconut. With the sound of Brazilian samba top notes dance with tangerine, pineapple and papaya with exotic coconut twist, providing a fresh, tropical opening. A heart is created of cotton candy and peach while a base closes with sandalwood and musk”.

Perfume Pyramid for Escada Rockin' Rio

Top Notes
Tangerine Coconut Pineapple Papaya
Middle Notes
Peach Sugar Cane Piña Colada
Base Notes
Musk Sandalwood
Tangerine, Coconut, Pinapple, Papaya
Peach, Sugar Cane, Piña Colada
Musk & Sandal Wood

I have been using this for about a year now, I don't know why I haven't done a post yet on it as it does deserve one. I got given the bigger bottle by a lovely lady who runs a shop selling high end clothing, which was over the way from where I was doing my work experience. As soon as I smelt it I knew I would like it. It smells very tropical and fruity, which is right up my street. 

So it is by far the perfect scent for Summer. Although I do wear it all year round, why not? I also love the packaging, I don't think they include the charm on the smaller bottle but I think it is kinda cute. I won the other smaller bottle, at a Twitter competition run by Fragrance Direct. Where you had to name your favorite perfume and then you won a bottle of it. So I was very pleased, as I was kinda getting low on it anyway. It lasts almost all the day but does need the occasional top up now and again.

What is your favorite Summer Perfume?

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?