16 November 2013

NYC Applelicous Lip Balm - Apple Blueberry Pie

I heard about these via MakeUpSavvy's posts, she raved about them. So I had to get them right? Also what else was aaamzingg, was they were on Fragrance Direct for 99p. So this went straight into my basket. I was half tempted to get the other shade that they had there called Garnet Apple, but I thought I would try this first then see how I feel about them. 

One thing is for sure is that they smell awesome! It isn't a in your face smell, which is good. As the name may suggest these do smell like apples, which is lovely! The smells doesn't stay on for to long on your lips, as I don't think I would like to go around smelling like an apple all day. 

I thought that it may be a plum/red wintery colour, but it is not to by disappointment, which is what I was hoping for but none the less I still love it. It adds a pinky but slightly berry tone to the lips, which is nice. The colour does stay on for a couple of hours but will fade, which I don't mind as re-appling is not a problem.

This does keep your lips, moisturised for most part of the day, if you aren't constantly rubbing your lips together, which I always find I do...I have no clue as to why..

I love this tinted lip balm and can't wait to try out many more! They also sell them at Superdrug for £2.49 currently on 3 for 2, so why not?!

7 November 2013

Instyle Magazine Freebies!

In this months instyle they are doing REN skincare freebies. This includes a day cream, eye gel and a cleansing milk. I can't wait to try these all as I have wanted to try something from REN seen as it is quite a hyped up brand among beauty youtubers, blogger and a few of my friends. I am sure you all have seen it among the the shelves of you local news agents, Tesco, any other supermarkets do apply. 

I think it is great value for money as it is on special offer for £2 plus you get 2 perfume samples and something to read on your way to school/work. I have been reading a lot of magazines lately on my daily trip to college on my bus. 

Normally I cannot read on any sort of transport, as it makes me feel slightly queasy! But magazines are great as there are only short articles and many pictures to look at. I definitely suggest you going down to a shop near you to buy one! 

I think this month I will be picking up Cosmopolitan as it has a free Orly Polish in it! 

1 November 2013

NSpa Coconut Body Butter

I love any sort of body care from shower gels, body lotion, butters and scrubs. This Coconut Body Butter from Nspa* is no exception! This smells amazing, but there is something that is slightly different from other coconut body scented products. For me it is waaay more nuttier. 

Normally, they are much more creamier and not much of a strong coco-nutty smell but, this is lovely. It really feels like something a lot more expensive as the quality is very luxurious, than it actually is.

It takes a bit to rub it into the skin but that is "the norm" with most body butters. It really makes your skin both feel very moisturised and soft! It has been 'borrowed' by both my Mum and Dad as they both suffer with dry skin. So I think that gives you a big thumbs up from all of us. 

It retails for £3 in Asda, which I honestly think could be a bit high, but a little goes a long way and it is a good quality for the money. At Asda, they mostly do have the offer on, for 2 for £4. Which is really hard to resist, as there is so much choice, and a great range of products. It also means that each product only costs a mere £2! I think this body butter could almost top The Body Shop ones. Just maybe!

28 October 2013

Montagne Jenesse T-Zone Peel Off

I bought this at Asda for only 50p, which is an amazing bargain! I wanted something with quite active ingredients in it to remove some hideous blemishes that I had erupting on my face. Which is did eventually do. I had been wanting to try one of their 2 step treatments, ever since I heard MissBudgetBeauty talk about them. 

It applied just like a gel and started to dry. At first, it burned my face. Now I did kind of want to wash this of immediately but it wasn't a super painful burning, it did sting my eyes only a little though. It was a pain that you could cope with. Which I am am glad I did as it calmed down considerably after around 5 minutes.

I gave it the full recommended time (10/15 minutes) and I have to say it was super fun to peel it off. I also felt so much better after! It felt like all the impurities had disappeared. After peeling it off, I applied the moisturiser which sunk in pretty fast. 

The following morning my face looked and felt much better. I also had a little bit more of the moisturiser let over which I applied before doing my make-up.

What I would say though is if you have terribly dry or sensitve skin I wouldn't suggest you trying this as it has a very strong smell to it and it might give you a bad reaction as it is so active. 

I can't wait to try out another face mask which I picked up at the same time which is for dry skin. So look out for a review to come soon!

What are you favourite Face Masks?

24 October 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul #2

 photo P1130020_zpsed9b34d8.jpg
 photo P1130021_zps4c3c3faa.jpg
I bought this because my skin has been a bit aggressive lately, I think this is probably due to the stress of sixth form and homework. I knew that the active ingredients, would help out my skin. So far so good, full review to come.  

This has been raved so much about by the wonderful MakeUpSavvy. As soon as I saw that they sold it at Fragrance Direct I immediately popped it into my basket. What is great is that I have been looking for a eye shadow pencil, but a lot of the current drug store offerings are a little out of what I would like to pay for...

This again was one of the top products that MakeUpSavvy, talked about. I have been trawling the internet to find something lip related which would suit the more colder months that are arriving. I thought that this would fit the bill perfectly and would be great for sixth form as I was worried that if it was a dark colour it would slip and smudge. This is a little pinker than I would have wanted but great product all the same and it smells so good too!

NYC Liquid Eyeliner in Pearlized Black 99p
Annoyingly I can't find the link to this on the website, I guess it is sold out...I bought this as I have been itching to try eye liner on my top lashes. I thought that if I found a super cheap option, it wouldn't feel like such a waste. I think I may need some much needed practise on the steady hand front...

I have been wanting to build I my brush collection for a while now. I had my eyes on something that would be good to blend eye shadows together. This is really good and super cheap. 

Once again something, I have wanted to get is a shower comb. I feel like sometimes my conditioner doesn't get the help it needs to lock back in moisture. It also helps greatly to get the tangles out! Great price for a awesome product!

NYC Nail Polish Quick Dry Lincoln Center
Last but no means least, is this polish. I had been wanting to test out something else from NYC also I had winter colours in mind so opted for this. However it is a little darker than I was anticipating, but I am sure I will be able to work with it.  

So as you can see I got some great products for amazing prices! 

What have you purchased recently?

Love Emily x

11 October 2013

Daisy Nails

L-R Essie Avenue Maintain, Collection Hot Looks Lemon Soda, Sally Hansen French White Tip, Seche Vite 'Fast Dry' Top Coat & Dotting Tools

So, it may not be the time for floral nail art, but I created these the other day and thought they were to cute for you to miss. I really was so pleased at how these turned out. 

Some part of me was dreading that they would come out looking like fried eggs (please tell me they don't). But since being at Sixth Form (which by the way is going great, alot of homework but not too bad), I have been getting quite a few comments on my nails. One saying that they thought they were nail wraps. 

These were really easy to do as well. You only needed 5 dots of white in a 'flower ring' type shape, dot on some yellow (I used two different size dotting tools as I thought that would be most appropriate. 

And there you have it, slap on some Seche Vite and you are good to go. I really like the finish that it gives, very shiny but it might just be me and my active hands, but the nail polish still chips as fast. But I will still continue to use it to see how it goes and it great for nail art as there is not too much drying time as Seche Vite does it all for you. 

I think next time I might try small daisies and more of them, with maybe a mint green or baby pink background?

9 October 2013

LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

 photo P1120329_zps19d70153.jpg

 photo P1120330_zps35800782.jpg

 photo P1120332_zpsce063d10.jpg
 photo P1120335_zps88e5a9c6.jpg
 photo P1120333_zpsbb52dd0f.jpg
I had been wanting to try one of these. I would always go into Lush and wobble the jellies that they had on display. I have to say that this one was by far by favorite. The other one is called Whoosh and has more of a manly scent. They brought another jelly out around Halloween time, which was lime scented and green. It was also shaped like a skull. I would of loved to try this but they had all gone when I got there. 

Now lush suggest that you can put it in the freezer or just use it as it is. I haven only used it in the latter. I think that if you put it in the freezer, it will be very good to cool you down after a hot day. You just tear a small bit off of the jelly. Now what I like to do is place it, inside my bath puff/lily. Get it a little wet so that it can lather up and then just wash like normal. I think that way is better, otherwise if you just have it in your hand it tends to jump out of your hands and almost go down the plug hole. 

It smells just like berries and cherries. It will stay on your skin for quite a while but not all day. Which lathers up really well. 

The second method, I haven't tried but I can imagine it would be very refreshing and something that I will be trying soon (what?! I think I may have to wait till the summer to try that!)

Overall, I think it is great as a treat but not something I would buy all the time. 

You can buy LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly for £3.10 for 100g or £6.25 for £240g

Have you tried the shower jellies? 
What is your favourite product from Lush?

27 September 2013

Revlon Eye Lash Curlers

 photo P1120767_zps4f825d95.jpg
 photo P1120770_zpsb75fae18.jpg
 photo P1120772_zpsc2dee081.jpgFor about a year or so, I have only ever used some £1 eye lash curlers which were from Savers. I had always meant to buy the ones which Primark sold but always kept forgetting to..I had also wanted to try the ones which elf did but I neither got those.
When won these on Becky's giveaway, I was so thrilled! I could not wait to try these. The feel of these is so much more expensive and they feel a lot more heavier and well made!
There is also a lot more attention to detail too! They Likewise do a better job of curling! The curlers also came with an extra rubber insert which is always handy!
Overall I Think that these curlers are really good and definitely worth buying!

25 September 2013

Nicely Nude

 photo P1120860_zpse90befd9.jpg
 photo P1120861_zps4fc972a9.jpg
 photo P1120862_zpsf08a2ce9.jpg
Elf Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude - £5

I have to give credit to this lipstick! It has got the name and the colour spot on! I bought this a while ago in a blog sale my friend was doing and I think it may have only cost me £2...which is pretty good. 

It is the perfect nude but still has some pink undertones, which makes it much better and a lot more wearable!

I would say it isn't the most moisturising but neither is it drying, so it is kind of in between. I suppose you could say it will just sit there and look pretty, which I think it does very well!

Have you tired any of the Elf Lipstick, any favourite shades?

23 September 2013

My Sixth Graze Box

 photo P1120613_zps97704b91.jpg
 photo P1120615_zpsee27c843.jpg photo P1120616_zpsc5758dd5.jpg photo P1120617_zps6278e2c0.jpg photo P1120618_zps5ef5864d.jpg
The graze brownie
I have wanted to try this for ages! It was definitely worth the wait, it is not your usual chewy brownie but it still nice all the same! I really liked the nuts in it too as it gave it a little more texture and it was a little more exciting!

Habas Tapas
OMG! This was sooo tasty! It was very flavoursome and spicy! I really like the jumbo chilli corn and the smaller ones!

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios
I have had these before and loved them! So I was very pleased to have them again, they are very BBQ flavoured and great with a Shandy!

Pomodoro Rustichella
This was probably my least favourite thing in this box, the only element that I did like was the cheese croutons.The almonds just tasted a bit weird them being flavoured with oregano. 

You can still use my code: Y7GWJKN, to get your first box free!

20 September 2013

MUA Mega Volume Mascara

 photo P1120713_zps1f0b4acf.jpg
 photo P1120716_zps90adefda.jpg
 photo P1120719_zpsa6f10621.jpg

This is something that I won from Becky in her giveaway! This mascara is amazing! It gives your lashes soo much volume without making it too clumpy! 

I love the wand of this too! The shape of the packaging is also something which caught my eye. I love how it really grips and lifts your lashes and coats all of them. 

I would say that you would only need a coat of one as it then can tend to go clumpy, but I don't mind that as I can deal with one! 

I think this is by far my favourite mascara, now that is saying something as I have tried quite a few!

What is you favourite mascara?

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?