27 September 2013

Revlon Eye Lash Curlers

 photo P1120767_zps4f825d95.jpg
 photo P1120770_zpsb75fae18.jpg
 photo P1120772_zpsc2dee081.jpgFor about a year or so, I have only ever used some £1 eye lash curlers which were from Savers. I had always meant to buy the ones which Primark sold but always kept forgetting to..I had also wanted to try the ones which elf did but I neither got those.
When won these on Becky's giveaway, I was so thrilled! I could not wait to try these. The feel of these is so much more expensive and they feel a lot more heavier and well made!
There is also a lot more attention to detail too! They Likewise do a better job of curling! The curlers also came with an extra rubber insert which is always handy!
Overall I Think that these curlers are really good and definitely worth buying!

25 September 2013

Nicely Nude

 photo P1120860_zpse90befd9.jpg
 photo P1120861_zps4fc972a9.jpg
 photo P1120862_zpsf08a2ce9.jpg
Elf Mineral Lipstick in Nicely Nude - £5

I have to give credit to this lipstick! It has got the name and the colour spot on! I bought this a while ago in a blog sale my friend was doing and I think it may have only cost me £2...which is pretty good. 

It is the perfect nude but still has some pink undertones, which makes it much better and a lot more wearable!

I would say it isn't the most moisturising but neither is it drying, so it is kind of in between. I suppose you could say it will just sit there and look pretty, which I think it does very well!

Have you tired any of the Elf Lipstick, any favourite shades?

23 September 2013

My Sixth Graze Box

 photo P1120613_zps97704b91.jpg
 photo P1120615_zpsee27c843.jpg photo P1120616_zpsc5758dd5.jpg photo P1120617_zps6278e2c0.jpg photo P1120618_zps5ef5864d.jpg
The graze brownie
I have wanted to try this for ages! It was definitely worth the wait, it is not your usual chewy brownie but it still nice all the same! I really liked the nuts in it too as it gave it a little more texture and it was a little more exciting!

Habas Tapas
OMG! This was sooo tasty! It was very flavoursome and spicy! I really like the jumbo chilli corn and the smaller ones!

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios
I have had these before and loved them! So I was very pleased to have them again, they are very BBQ flavoured and great with a Shandy!

Pomodoro Rustichella
This was probably my least favourite thing in this box, the only element that I did like was the cheese croutons.The almonds just tasted a bit weird them being flavoured with oregano. 

You can still use my code: Y7GWJKN, to get your first box free!

20 September 2013

MUA Mega Volume Mascara

 photo P1120713_zps1f0b4acf.jpg
 photo P1120716_zps90adefda.jpg
 photo P1120719_zpsa6f10621.jpg

This is something that I won from Becky in her giveaway! This mascara is amazing! It gives your lashes soo much volume without making it too clumpy! 

I love the wand of this too! The shape of the packaging is also something which caught my eye. I love how it really grips and lifts your lashes and coats all of them. 

I would say that you would only need a coat of one as it then can tend to go clumpy, but I don't mind that as I can deal with one! 

I think this is by far my favourite mascara, now that is saying something as I have tried quite a few!

What is you favourite mascara?

16 September 2013

Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion

 photo P1120849_zpsdec7dbc6.jpg
 photo P1120852_zps72008f30.jpg
 photo P1120853_zps37a80ccb.jpg
 photo P1120855_zps61313b82.jpg
Organic Surge Gentle Cleansing Lotion - £5.99

I bought this in the sale that Organic Surge had quite a while ago along with one of their moisturisers. It also only costing me a mere £1.50. Win! I have to say this is my first "proper" cleanser. And it is all go so far. 

It is a dream to use to take off all my make-up and it makes my skin feel so much better! What I have noticed is that by using this instead of make-up wipes, my skin doesn't feel like it immediately needs hydration from my moisturiser. This probably due to it containing Aloe vera, Gycerine & Sweet almond oil!

Although it does advise you not to put it on your eyes, being the rebel that I am ignore that and it didn't hurt (as long as you don't directly place it there!) it took off all my mascara. Great!

One thing I would have to say is the mechanism, to dispense to the product is a little awkward as it is very hard to squeeze the bottle as it is quite hard. I would probably prefer some sort of pumping thing instead. 

Have you tried anything from Organic Surge?

13 September 2013

Rampageous Red

 photo P1120894_zpsf588efbd.jpg
 photo P1120895_zps8f3117fa.jpg

Rimmel Moisture Renew in Rose Passion - £6.29

This is the only red I have ever owned! I sort of got it free in a magazine but you had to pay postage and it also came along with another lipstick and a powder. Which was quite a good deal. It looks a little more orange/coral in the above photo but believe me this is totally red! 

The feel of these is very moisturising which is good as that is what they claim, but it is also very slippy. So means that it could transfer to the lower part of your face or smug out of line. But I suppose that could be fixed by something like lipcote

The pigmentation of this very very good! You don't need really very much to cover the whole lip. 

Overall I really like this shade & I might venture out and try some more shade in this range! 
Also if you are interested they do sell these on Fragrance Direct for a fraction of the price (99p)

What do think about these, what are favourite shades?

9 September 2013

Project Pan #2

 photo P1120840_zps6382e46a.jpg

I bought this well well over a year ago and since it hasn't really seen much love or use! I think this is mainly due to the fact that other mascaras have taken the lime light for me and this is very "Wow". I would really like to get more use out of before it dries out, which it hasn't shown any sighs of, yet!

I have to say I regret buying this. It is mainly for it's scent that I don't like it, I think I could of got a different and more exciting one! Also I don't really use dry shampoo at lot, if not at all as I wash my hair every other day and my hair isn't particularly greasy. But what I have heard is it is great to add volume so that is what I will be using it for!

got2b Heat Protector
I have had this for a while now, it does the job well. I have to say that it doesn't smell and feel as nice as the one by Tr├ęsemme. I would like to try some other things and it also taking up quite a bit of space.

Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Cream
I love the smell of this and it does do wonders for you hair but I really just want to use it up so I can try some other products which aim to do the same thing! As you only need one pump, it will take a while to use up but I will have to be bothered to do it!

MUA Tinted Lip Balm
I do like this. I suppose it is okay, but I would like to use it up. It is alright at moisturising my lips and tinting them, but I would like to get rid of it. I can't really remember why I bought it, I think I thought it could be a good dupe for the MAC tinted lip conditioners, which it isn't. For the reason that it is quite wet, compared with the MAC one (I don't own one, but a couple of my friends do and I can see that there is a lot of differences. They both smell like vanilla but the MUA is more pungent.

Have you got anything you want to use up?

7 September 2013

Back to School Make-up Look!!

 photo P1120902_zps0b9e2318.jpg
 photo P1120899_zps4a82d490.jpg
 photo P1120906_zps210f5add.jpg
Products used:Miss Sporty So Matte FoundationNatural Collection Concealer Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer MUA Mega Volume MascaraMUA Undress Me Too Eye Shadow PaletteBurt's bees tinted lip balm - Red Dahlia
Brushes/Tools used:Elf Studio Stipple BrushElf Eye shadow BrushElf Crease BrushRevlon Eye Lash Curlers
So yep it is that time of year, for people of my age! Back to the daily grind of school.  I thought I would do a back to school style make-up look for you as I have never really done one of these posts, but I really wanted to give it a go. I think how it works is I go through what I did, do here it goes!
First after applying my moisturiser, I dot the foundation around my face and blend it in with my stipple brush. Next onto Concealer, I use both of them under my eyes and on any sort of problem areas or anything I want to try and cover up. Then I use my ring finger to blend/pat in the Concealer and then I will switch to the stipple brush and make sure it is all blended. 
Next on to eyes! I have been really loving using this palette at the moment as it has a great range of natural shades! I won this in Becky's giveaway and I am so glad I did as I have been wanting to try the palettes from MUA for ages but didn't know which one to buy...so I applied my natural collection Concealer on my eye lid (I use it as a primer). Then I took the shade "Reveal" on my eye shadow brush and popped that all over my lid. Then I went for "Wink" and put that on the end half on my lid and blended that in. I quickly tapped into "Obsessed" with my crease brush and placed it in my crease! Which I blended out. Then I just took a small bit of "Shy" and put that in my inner corner of my eye lid and blended that too. 
I then curled my lashes with my new curlers again from Becky's giveaway and then applied one coat of my Mega Volume mascara from MUA, which was another item which I won! I think this really adds a lot of natural looking volume and gives my lashes a lot of lift and it keeps the curl really well!
I then finished off with my tinted lip balm from Burt's Bees, I went with this one instead of my Revlon balm stain in honey as I thought this might give me a little more colour and is a lot more moisturising.  
So that is what I am planning on wearing to school, if you have done something like this then please leave me a link to your post as I would love to see it! :)

6 September 2013

Collection Lasting Gel Colour: Coral Reef

 photo P1120811_zps42e34ad5.jpg
 photo P1120818_zps92ed78e9.jpg
Collection Lasting Gel Colour: Coral Reef

When I went to buy my friend Kaitlin's birthday present, I knew I wanted to buy her a nail polish but I was neither to sure from what brand or what shade to pick up...I picked up the shade Coral Reef from Collection's new Gel Polish launch. 

After buying it for her, I kinda wanted one for myself. But the other week I got an envelop through my door and there and behold was this polish. Every now and then Collection do giveaways on there new launches and I guess that is where it came from. 

I really do love the colour but the name kind of contradicts it. It isn't really a coral colour as it is very red. I mean it could pull off for being a reddy coral. The colour kind of reminds me like strawberries, which still need a couple of days to ripen. But none the less I love it. 

It applies like a dream. It has a very wide brush which means it can do the nail in one sweep, although doesn't have a rounded end brush I still like it. It is very gel nail like, and takes 2-3 coats to get it to an opaque colour. 

This dry sooo fast. When I paint my nails I do it whilst typing, mostly writing future posts. So time can go quite quickly. But this really did dry in minutes.

I have to say I was very impressed with this and really want to try some more shades, I have my eyes on Watermelon & Think Pink next!

Have you tired these? 

5 September 2013

NOTD: Coral & Spots!

 photo P1120810_zps2ee636dd.jpg
 photo P1120795_zps492bfb9d.jpg

Sinful Colours Nail Polish Island Coral
Sally Hansen White
Medium Sized Dotting Tool

I recently won a Sinful Colours Polish in a giveaway run by the lovely Becky. Since their launch to the UK and Boots, I have wanted to get my hands on them. Now I have! 

The colour is coral as you can see and by the fitting name but it is more on the orange side, which I love! The formula of these are great, it did take 2-3 coats to get it to a fairly opaque colour. 

Lately I have been lusting over some proper nail dotting tools, I already have some brushes but I wanted to buy some instead of using a bobbi pin. I got these off of amazon and they are a from a Chinese but a UK seller win! They only cost £1.38 and came within 3 days. 

I don't know why but I always only ever use a white which comes with a nail manicure set. But I have to say this one is amazing, it is the purest white I have tried and it dried very fast too!

Have you tried any of the Sinful Colours polishes, what are your favourite shades?

4 September 2013

Stationery Haul

 photo P1120809_zpsbb90b56f.jpg
L-R A5 Notebooks Wilkinsons, A4 Pink Hardback Notebook Wilkinsons, A4 Sketch Pad "Present House" (small shop I went to on holiday), Blue Office Ring Binders 2 pack for £1 Poundland, 13-14 Wall Planner Wilkinsons, Bic Round Stic Pens Blue & Black Asda, A4 Document Wallet (pack of 5) Wilkinsons. 

The best part of going back to school, is stationery. It may seem weird but I love stationery lots! So much so I even have a cupboard which holds all of my stationery and books, which lives in the kitchen! When I was younger, there would always be a trip to Tesco to get myself a new pencil case, pencils, pens ect and I always looked forward to it. 

This year I am going to Sixth Form, which is after Secondary school. As the laws have changed it meant that everyone who wasn't the current year 11's, had to stay in some sort of education or take up an apprenticeship until they were 18. I wasn't planning on going to Sixth Form, I just wanted to get a job and start earning some of my own money. In some ways I think this is a good idea but in some ways it is not. 

Anyway the other day I had my enrolment day, which consisted of talking to staff, filling in more forms and taking questionnaires and surveys! I was quite nervous about the to start with but as the day grew on and finally ended I felt much better. I go back for a full day on the 9th September, which I am looking forward to!

I am hoping to study Design & Technology (Resistant Materials), Photography, Media Studies and Business Studies. I was not quite sure what things I would need, so I went for a couple of notebooks of various sizes, a few ring binders, pens, a sketch book (as they mentioned it in my Photography summer work), pink wallet folders, and a wall planner which my Dad got for me. Just a few things! ;)

Are you looking forward to going back to school?
What are your back to school essentials?

3 September 2013

Starting Off: Concealer

Hello, so basically there is the project going around the blogging world, it is called the #TheSOProject which stands for starting off. It is aimed/created for new people who are just getting in to make-up. Steph's Inside Voice is the one who created this project. 

At least over 100 bloggers are involved and I think it is a great project to be doing. I missed last week which was Skincare, as I didn't really know what to post about as I recently did a a "Skincare Routine" post. 

So every week on a Tuesday at 6pm for 10 weeks, there will be a new post about #TheSOProject. So today I will be talking to you about the world of Concealer. 

 photo P1120819_zpsb3a206e8.jpg
 photo P1120838_zpsd66dd862.jpg
 photo P1120836_zps934cf1c9.jpg
LR- Collection & Natural Collection
 photo P1120823_zps5297fe1f.jpg
LR- Collection & Natural Collection
 photo P1120825_zpsf4559a0e.jpg
Both blended

1. What concealer does and how you can use it.

It says it in the name, concealer has been created to cover and conceal all of your facial sins. From redness, spots to dark under circles. I use concealer to cover up any blemishes I have or any other imperfections which I want to hide . The concealers that I like to use are by Natural Collection & Collection. 

2. Your personal favourites!

Everyone knows about the Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection. It is the best drugstore concealer out there, which gives medium to high coverage. 

This is probably the least talked about but is the first concealer that I owned. It does only give light to medium coverage. I use this in conjunction with the LP. This is slightly lighter than my skin tone but that is why I use it with the LP as that is slightly too dark, so if you do get the wrong shade then just buy a lighter one and you can mix them.

What are you favourite concealers?

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?