26 March 2013

I won a giveaway!

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So, wow! I can't believe that I actually won, I am quite lucky in things I enter for, but never thought I would win a giveaway. Just thought, I would show you the items. I had to choose 2 essie polishes and 1 rimmel lipstick. I chose the shades "Aruba Blue" and "Mesmerized", both lovely shades of blue. I also chose a kate moss lipstick in 110, this is a lovely red colour with a hint og coral, something that will be nice to wear in the spring (if we get get there eh! We have had snow in England if you haven't noticed). I would like to thank Hanne over at talbsx for the lovely prizes!

20 March 2013

Batiste original

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I have heard so many good things about Batiste, what probably surprises you is that I have tried it before. Everyone says how good it is for '2nd day hair'. It is and I don't know why I haven't tried it sooner. The 'original' one I have perhaps isn't the best smelling one (it smells quite citrusy), on offer but does the same job. So overall a great product but perhaps I won't buy this flavor next time when this is all finished up. 

What is you favorite scent of batiste.

19 March 2013

Guest Posting when I am away on Holiday

Sorry, I haven't been posting in ages, just been caught up with some coursework and other school work. 
Whilst I am holiday between the 30th March till 6th April.
I was thinking of doing guest posting again. If you are interested please email me: naturalbeauty532@gmail.com
Also you have probably heard that google friend contact (GFC) is shutting down so I have got a widget made so that you can follow by 'bloglovin' instead as I would hate for you all to lose my blog as I would for any of the blogs that I read.

7 March 2013

nspa Bath/Shower Gel & Body Lotion

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I popped into Asda the other day, I couldn't stop and get something from the 'nspa' range. There was an offer on: '2 for £4 or £3.50 each', I couldn't not pick up two. I got the shower/bath gel in Mango and a grapefruit body lotion. Both smell absolutely amazingly fruity! The grapefruit body lotion is very moisturising and sinks in pretty quick. The shower gel is lovely, foams up nicely too. I really love the packaging of 'nspa/ products. Kind of reminds me of 'Nib + Fab'. 

Have you bought anything from nspa, if so what? 
Love Emily

5 March 2013

Hair Care from Percy & Reed in Glamour

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So I picked up the latest issue of Glamour, mainly for the conditioner as you do! I have tried it and is lovely, doesn't bet aussie as it doesn't smell to fantastic  but overall it leaves your hair feeling super soft.

It also came with a 'beauty guide' which has in some great products and also some nail looks (my fave) also included is a small sample of the Elie Saab perfume, I haven't smelt it yet...so I can't tell you about it.

Have you bought the recent issue of Glamour, what hair freebie did you choose?

3 March 2013

February Favorites

 photo IMG_3028_zps44919533.jpg
 photo IMG_3037_zps64878dc1.jpg
 photo IMG_3043_zpsc65af37b.jpgI can't believe how quick this year is flying by, we are now into the third month of 2013! Sorry for being a little late on the favorites. I have been preparing myself for tomorrow as I have a German speaking exam.Bitter Blood The Thirteen (and last) of the Morganville Books by Rachael Caine I have loved reading the Morganville books, there has been so much adventure to them and I am so sad to be reading the last ever book :(Cucumber 3 Minute Face MaskThis is a lovely, cool and relaxing face mask. I picked this up a Savers for only a £1. You do have to use quite a bit, to achieve a thick layer on your face. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer This great product, I can see what the hype is all about. The only thing that annoys me is now all the black writing is smudging off. Revlon Balm Stain in HoneyThe colour of this is a lovely natural pinky/nude. It lasts a long time. Smells delicious too (minty), a nice option instead of a fruity smelling lip product.Collection Intense Colour Eyeliner in Black KohlRecently, I have been adding a bit more definition to my eyes/make-up. I have been applying a little eyeliner to just under my water line. This stays on all day and is lovely and soft.Raspberry BalmiThis is a cute and lovely lip balm to use, not at all chalky. Smells amazing. Even  though I haven't tried EOS ones I think these would be a good alternative. App of the month: Early BirdThis app is something that requires a little bit of skill, and is also a good way of passing the time. You have to get 'Birdie' into the target where he will get his prize of a worm. I got this as it was one of their 'Apps of the Week' and was free. I am  not sure whether it is on offer still so would be about 69p. A great app!What have you been loving this month?What are you favorite apps?

1 March 2013

Wishlist #7


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
essiebutton says that this is a good option if you want to try out the buffing brush and not want to have to pay for the whole core collection. I really need a denser brush to help blend in my foundation. 

Good Things Five Minute Face Mask
I love the moisturiser from 'good things' that I have and I really want try out one in a tube and hopefully this one is good!

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Blueberry
I super want to try out these polishes, I am not sure what colour, but I think I like the one called blueberry.

Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial 
Another product I have been wanting to try is the 'Rimmel London Apocolips'. There has been much to rave about these products. The colour I have picked out is 'Celestial' which is a nice pink. 

Black & White Nerd T-Shirt 
These t-shirts seem to have gotten very popular recently. It is not on my wishlist because I am a hipster or anything else or what to follow the sheep. It is for the reason that I really like slogan type t-shirts. I prefer the ones that say nerd on them (don't ask me why...)

Maybelline BB Cream
I am still in the process of what foundation/bb cream I going to buy but perhaps this is the one, but not sure yet. 

Burts Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream
I have been thinking about caring for my cuticles lately and want to keep them in good condition. 

My friend Izzy has this and likes, it is only about £3 which is pretty good. It makes your lip product stay on for longer. 

What is on your wishlist?

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?