31 July 2012

This Outfit I just luvee! #1

Hello! So I thought I would start this series called "This Outfit I just luvee!" which I will talk about this outfit I have pieced together and why I really love it. I thought this would be quite interesting to do I could do it maybe a couple of times a week..? So here we goo!

I recently have also been dragged in the moustache craze too and I think it is funky design and really simple. I would probably tuck it into the jeans. I am a little unsure about the glasses though. I love these pink jeans they are so cute! I have seen some in Topshop for around £25. Great for summer! Sticking to the pastel theme I really need some new sandals, I like the style of them (I am into the T bar sandal!).I think the bag goes really well, being quite simple and a reasonable size.


27 July 2012

June & July Empties


 Superdrug Nail Polish Remover

 Charlie Touch Body Spray
Natural Collection LashLength Mascara
Boots Spa Essense Jasmine & Musk Body Lotion
Boots Spa Essense Orange Spice Body Scrub

 Boots Spa Essense Vanilla & Nectarine Body Wash

 Marks & Spencer Almond Hand & Body Cream

Coca Cola Cherry Lip Smacker
Fanta Orange Lip Smacker

 Mango Body Butter

= Re-purchase

25 July 2012

Review: Natural Collection Body Sprays

I really love these sprays, I think they are great value and have a amazing range of scents and if you really love one of the scents, of a particular spray you can get bubble bath, shower gels (and I think you can get lipgloss/balms which I think is a great idea.) They are so inexpensive at £1.99 (or sometimes they are £2.03 which is a bit of a weird price) for 150mls. The pump/spray is really good at not just “squirting” in one place but misting which really does help. I love the passion fruit one it is SO fruity and fresh and summery! I think I might want to try out the citrus one and maybe the vanilla spray. The only thing is...they don't last that long so after about 30mins to a hour so you do need to top it up but that is okay...I guess for the money you pay. They can easily be chucked in a handbag/clutch and your good to go!

23 July 2012

Review: No7 Nail Polishes



The colour “Practically Perfect 150” is really nice and natural and would be great to use with a French manicure. The colour “Cheeky Chops 240” is a lovely coral shade. They lasts quite a long time 3-4 days. They have a really great colour range! They dry really quickly. I love the shape and size of the brush and the consistency is really lovely. They are really glossy and shiny even without a top coat. The only thing to moan about is the packaging although looking “professional” they are a bit too tall but that is only bad thing I have to say. The best time to purchase these are when you have the famous “No7 £5 off” voucher as they only then cost £2. But if I was in a treat me mood I probably would purchase them at the full price.

21 July 2012

My Week in Photos #2


Costa Mango & Passion Fruit Cooler on the ferry, bought O.P.Is, all of our make-up and wash bags, our make-sift brush holder, view outside our room, day 1 going up a mountain in a cable car with some of my friends, getting set to go, Izzy and I, Getting higher, Getting higher & higher, day 2 in Europa park, the silver star (biggest roller coaster in Europe which I didn't go on as I am not really a one for them), Izzy and I getting ready for a wateride, other people on the wateride, someone got a little wet, went on Euromir quite scary, strange cow woman doing tricks with batons, people jumping off of things, went on this cute little train around the park, friends sitting down a Europa park, Lake Titsee at night, pedal boats, Mango Ice cream, Izzy with her sunglasses, Izzy and I at this pretty cathedral, broke my sunglasses :(, Izzy sunbathing, Kinder egg thing, Kinder egg thing free gift, Twist Watermelon gum (which tastes SO yummy!

What have you been doing this week?

Collective Haul- Germany, France, Travel Products & Extra Little Bits!!

I thought I would do this as collective haul as I bought some things before Black forest and whilst there hope you enjoy!


Simple Hydrating Moisturiser £1.20
Simple Refreshing facial wash gel £2
Simple Cleansing facial wipes £1.20

Balance Me Face Wash £2 (in Glamour Magazine)
Sure Bright Deodorant £1.02
Models Own Lili's Pink Nail Polish 


Little French Hand Sanitizers €1.30 each



The Body Shop Born Lippy Strawberry €2.30 (bought in 


The Body Shop Lip Butter £3.20 (bought on ferry)


uma Nail Polish Mermaid Kiss €1.49
Catrice Nail Lacquer 410 Pool Party At Night €2.99
(bought in Germany)


Catrice Lipstick 200 More is More €3.99



O.P.I Pirates of the Caribbean 
O.P.I Vintage Minnie Mouse

I can't believe I bought 8 OPIs I really love them and can't wait to use them!

12 July 2012

I'm back...and then I'm gone again!

Hello so sorry for no blogging recently...it has all been a bit hectic this week, I was concentrating on school work and assessments also I have been packing...for what you may say? ..well I will be going on Saturday evening on a school trip to Germany! I am SO excited!! (Also sorry if the font is really weird and can't change it for some reason...and hopefully this will be posted fingers crossed) I may do some vlogging and these will be posted when I get back on my personal youtube account and if I buy some bits and bobs I will do a haul. I might do a couple of posts before I go...we shall have to see...would you like to see what I am taking? (make-up wise or clothes wise tell me in the comments) also I will not have access to a computer so if you have any blogger button requests or anything else they won't be answered straight away so sorry for that but I will answer them as soon as I get back and blogging will resume as usual!

Love Emily xx

5 July 2012

June Faves!


Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Intense- This conditioner has done wonders for my hair it leaves it really soft and hasn't been tangling as much and it smells SO yummy and sweet!

Soap & Glory Flake Away- This has made my skin feel really soft and it isn't very harsh so you can use it as many times as you want. This also smells SO sweet and lovely and you only need a little blob.

Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream- This is a really nice "Handbag" sized hand cream and smells really nice and is quite moisturising!

So...? Fragrance- since getting this for my birthday I have never left the house without putting this on...it smells so lovely (I am SO rubbish at describing the scent so I won't go into that) but I just love it!

Elf Natural Radiance Blush in Shy- I have only really started going back to using this blusher as I found it at the back of my make-up draw. I have been using it alot this month as it is just a really lovely light pink colour and is really natural and great for summer!

3 July 2012

NOTD: Cheeky Chops!

No.7 Nail Polish in Cheeky Chops 240- £7 (or if you have a £5 off voucher for No.7 you get it for £2.00 bargain!

2 July 2012


Hello! I had received some birthday money as well as presents so I bought a couple of things when I went shopping with my friends...

Apple Chap stick £1.05, Soap & Glory Hand Sanitizer £2.50, Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day £2.50, Soap & Glory Righteous Butter £2.50 (they were doing 3 for 2 offer on all of there products) No7 Stay perfect Nail Polish Cheeky Chops 240 £2 (with 5 off voucher) Schwartzkopf Pomegranate Conditioner £1 

I thought I would get seen as it was only a £1 I can probably wear this as a Pj top.

1 July 2012

MUA Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is...okay I guess. I love what it does to my lashes it makes them look fuller and longer and really makes them look black...but it is NOT waterproof! I have found a way that makes me like it and is mostly waterproof. I use it with my “Collection 2000 lasting colour mascara” and this seems to do the trick I sort of get the length and volume from the “MUA Waterproof Mascara” but it does make it waterproof...yay! I mean only a £1, you can't go wrong really...so all in all I like it, but doesn't do what it says it is supposed to do although I will be carrying on using this.

Length: 8/10
Volume: 10/10
Waterproof: 2/10
Lasting: 8/10
Colour: 9/10
Worth the money? : 4/10

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?