31 May 2012

NOTD: Bright Purple

Barry M Nail Paint Bright Purple, Miss Sporty 7 days top coat

30 May 2012

May Favourites


MUA Nail Polish Shade 5 - I have only recently bought this but I have fallen in love with the colour and it is lasting longer than my other MUA shades which is kind of weird.

Miss Sporty Top Coat - This really does make your nail polish last longer but it isn't the best but it does dry quickly.

Elegant touch nail drying spray- I have only really used this to dry my top coat and I am not sure whether it does dry it in 60 seconds but I suppose I might do a review on it and then I can put it to the test (If that is something you might like to see then tell me in the comments!) 

Hand Lotion- This smells so good and I always get it out at school and everyone wants a bit and it is really moisturiser.

Pomegranate Body Scrub- This too smells good and has really improved the texture of my skin.

MUA Waterproof Mascara- I really like this mascara because it really lengths my lashes but I am unsure whether it is really waterproof but I will be putting that to the test!

Barry M Eye Liner Pencil- I have been using the lighter gold colour as a base for many eye shadows and it makes them last a bit longer and it doesn't drag!

29 May 2012

Sally Hansen Miracle Growth






I know this post is long over due (as I bought this in February and it is now end of May!) I am sorry about that but it has been on it's way (very slowly)!
Now this does have (what I would say) a hefty price tag at £4.99 but I think sometimes in Superdrug they have it on offer, just little warning for you if are interested in buying Sally Hansen nail care products it is better to go to Superdug as they are so much cheaper whereas in Boots this nail care product is £10 which is such a difference! I thought this would cure my brittle nails and also give them a little length too. Well I tried this for a week as it says and I can see a difference in length wise but not in strength. I do have quite brittle nails so if you are looking for a product to speed up the growing process of your nails and they are quite strong then this is for you! You are supposed to apply this everyday on top of the last coat you applied the day before. It dries really quickly about 1 min. This didn't work for me :( I think next time I will need to do a little more research on products before I buy them sometimes you find a real great product but others you don't, there we go that's life a lesson to be learnt.

Have you tried Sally Hansen Miracle Growth what's your thoughts?
Do you have brittle nails have you found a cure?

28 May 2012







27 May 2012

NOTD: Pastels

Miss Sporty 7 days top coat, Barry M Nail Paint Berry Ice Cream, MUA Nail Polish Shade 12, MUA Nail Polish Shade 5

OOTD Little Summer Dress






Dress- Primark
Shoes- Primark
Bracelets- (Pearl) Primark, (blue) Gift
Nails- Berry Ice Cream (Barry M)
Earrings- Superdrug
Sunglasses- Primark

26 May 2012

Summer Shopping Trip

Hello, hope your all having a lovely weekend (here in England it hot, hot, hot at 28'c) I thought I'd share with you my buys!

Primark Lilac Denim Shorts £5, Primark Black Ballet Pumps £4

Primark Teal/Blue Dress £6 comes above the knee (excuse the bedding and Pjs)

Primark Black and White Striped Sleeveless blouse with gold buttons - the back is longer than the front and it not stripy  but quite see through. £7
 (excuse the bedding and Pjs)

Primark thin brown with gold buckle belt £2 £1, MUA waterproof mascara £1, MUA Nail Polish Shade 5 £1, Primark Nautical earrings £2, Superdrug Leaf, pearl & heart Necklace £4.99  £1.99, Primark Navy Blue Starry Sunglasses £1

25 May 2012

Week in Pictures #4

Sunglasses wearing weather, listening to the wanted's new album "chasing the sun"- really gets you in the mood for summer, wearing Barry M Berry Ice Cream and loving them, reading "Raised by wolves" started not really liking this book but now I am in love with glad I carried on reading!

23 May 2012

Hair Crush: Selena Gomez

I just love Selena Gomez and her hair! It always look so elegant and effortless, My favourite have to be the plait (first pic) but the only thing is I cant really create this look as my hair isn't long enough :( Her hair looks great up or down. I never either can get really nice curls either! The last picture her hair looks really classy!

20 May 2012

Review: Leighton Denny Nail Polishes

The colours I own are really nice and bright and they do come up as their true colour with no streaking or gloopyness, they dry really quickly about 1-2 mins. They last a good week I do use my hands a lot so sometimes other drug-store brands do chip much quicker and this did itself proud! The brushes are the right size for me thin and long. I am defiantly thinking of getting a few more of these as I think you do get a lot of product (12ml) for the price you pay and when do you ever run out of one particular nail polish? Never! So I will absolutely be buying more of these when I fancy like treating myself.

Have you tried any of the Leighton Denny Nail Polishes, what's your thoughts?

14 May 2012

April Favoutites

Elf Mineral Lipstick Nicely Nude, Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Mascara, Boots Spa Essense body scrub orange spice, Natural Collection Blusher in Pink Cloud

I have really been liking wearing this lipstick as it isn't drying and is a nice natural colour but in my opinion it isn't "nude" as it says...
I have been loving this mascara with my favorite collection 2000 mascara and it works really well!
I really love this blusher as it is a perfect colour for this time or year and I think I might get "peach melba" think that is what it is called.

Sorry it is SO short & late!

11 May 2012

Blog Button Swap

So yes I know I did one of these posts but I deleted because I have changed  my Terms and Conditions (shakes head and sighs at sounding professional or on the TV ads!) So I have decided I have now 2 maybe 3 more slots where your button could be just email me if you are interested! Also if you wish to use my button to put on your blog just email me so I know. Also this system does work both ways a blog button place on my blog for a blog button place on yours. Sorry I had to do this post again just thought I would make it clear and I will carry on as usual with my normal posts! If you have any comments just email me or comment!

10 May 2012

How I Store Dolly-bows

Hi Everyone, so thought you might be interested in how I store my dolly-bows!

I had a box from Hotel Chocolate which had an egg in it and I started using it to put my Dolly-bows in and I decided it looked a bit dull so I decorated it with wrapping paper and newspaper and here is what I ended up with. I fold up my dolly-bows and just stick them in there, I think I would like a easier way to store them like have them on a hanger so I can see which ones are what and don't have to dig to the bottom. 

So how do you store your dolly-bows please tell me in the comments below?!

8 May 2012

Get the Look: Kate Bosworth

Kate has a knack for looking totally on-trend without ever verging on fashion victim territory, plus she always dresses appropriately for the occasion. The actress hit the Coachella music festival in a cute poppy red miniskirt which she dressed down with a simple white vest, battered denim jacket and silver flat sandals.

Bleached Denim Jacket- Topshop
Red ribbed body-con mini- Miss Selfridge
Gold low wedge sandals- Miss Selfridge

Thanks for reading xx
What's your favourite piece? Mine has to be the denim jacket!

7 May 2012

Nail Polish Tag!

On a rainy day like today, I thought I would do the "Nail Polish Tag" I just LOVE nail polish, so couldn't resist doing this tag! 

1. What's your favourite nail polish company?
To be fair I don't really have a favourite but I have only just bought the Leighton Denny nail polishes and I have fallen in love I only have 2 but I going to get some more, the consistency it great to be fair you really only need one coat and your good to go but out of habit I always put 2! The brushes are equally as good too!
L-R The Heiress, Paparazzi 

2. Glitter or No Glitter?
I love nails with or without glitter whether it be chunky or finely milled glitter some nail polishes suit it with and other without I like probally to use Glitter nail polish once in a while when I feel like a sprinkle of glitter! (See what I did there?!) Here I a few I own:

L-R Glitter that came with a set of fake nails, Primark Beauty Green Glitter,  Primark Beauty Blue Glitter , BHS Glitter  Polish, Primark Beauty Glitter Nail Polish, Primark Beauty Nail Polish (came in the crackle set) this more silver with glitter, Boots Glitter Babe Confetti Polish.

3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?
I have to be honest I have never tried any of them I have been wanting to try some OPI :(

4.When do you change your nail polish?
It all depends on what time I have,at the weekend I normally do them and then maybe in the week if I have no homework (rarely!) I would do them so I would say about 1-2 times a week.

5. What's your favourite colour on your nails?
Oh another tricky one! I love any colour to be honest :)

6. Darks or Brights?
I love both! Sometimes when I am in dull mood I will go for some really bright colour to cheer me up, in Winter I kind of go for that whole dark colours in the Winter, and maybe in Summer I go for brights but it all depends on what floats my boat!

7. What are you wearing on your nails right now?
Well, I right now I have nothing on my nails but I am planning to paint them soon...I just had on one of my Lieghton Denny Nail Polishes with the "Newspaper Nails" design on them (Link to NOTD)

8. Matte nails - in or out?
I have not tried a Matte-nail polish/top coat before, but I suppose when you think about it I prefer glossy/shiney nails to matte (dull?) nails.

9. French Manicures?
I have never gone to a salon to have them done professionally but might go sometime...I think they do look very elegant and classy and simple! I did try it out but my nails never seem to grow they always split (if you suffer iwth this and have found a way out PLEASE tell me in the comments below)

10. Favourite Summer Colours?
I LOVE brights and glitter in the summer here are just a few I LOVE wearing!!!

L-R Collection 2000 Hot Looks Lemon Soda, Max Faxtor Diva Coral, Beauty UK ?- No Colour, MUA Shade (can't remember off the top of my head will update) ,MUA Shade 15, Leighton Denny Paparazzi, 
Leighton Denny The Heiress, Barry M Bright Purple,  Collection 2000 Hot Looks Blue Moon, Claires ? No Colour, MUA Shade 9, Sample came in a magazine. 

What's nail polishes do you LOVE to wear?

3 May 2012

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?