30 April 2012

Review: Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day-2-Night Mascara


Hello! So firstly for me this mascara has taken me on a wild goose chase I suppose you could call it! At first I love it but only loved the Volume wand next I absolutely hated the whole thing and now after a little trick I love it! So let me tell you why, well I really liked it at first because it have me really nice lashes but then after that I soon realised I hated the idea of having clumpy lashes so I left it for a while and wondered why I bought it and if I didn't use it would have been a waste of money. So I was having a little discussion with a few of my friends (that owned this mascara) and they said there lengthening wand was nothing like mine (forgot to mention for some reason my length wand didn't take of all the mascara so there were a couple of strands of left over mascara) so one piped up and said why didn't I get a make-up wipe and wipe some off! So that's what I did and now I love it again! 

Love Emily xx
p.s what's your thoughts on my new banner?

18 April 2012

Wishlist #2

1.As the weather is supposed to be warming up (not likely if you ask me! I seem to have grown out of my other pair, The faded blue denim ones catch my eye so will probally get those. Might get them from H&M or NewLook, but they also have them in Primark for £5-Bargain!
2.I been really loving bright coloured jeans I think they look really fun and funky (do you still use that word?) I am think of those or some lilac coloured ones I have seen these ones on NewLooks website.
3.I have heard some good things about this eyeliner and that the coloured is really jet black, and I really wanted to purchase something from Soap and Glory's make-up range.
4.Again another Spring/Summer want! I really like the idea of Gladitor Sandals you can wear with pretty much anything and was thinking either a light brown pair or a darker brown with a little gold studs or jewels, I am sure when I see the right ones I will know!
5.Now I am not sure...I have seen this a couple of times in Topshop and wondering whether to get this or not the packaging looks SO pretty and I would love to own something like this! I am sure we shall see whether when it comes to the time whether I take a deep breath and pay for it or put it back on the shelf.

15 April 2012

A Week in Pictures #2

Been eating  my Cadbury's Caramel Easter Egg, Playing Temple Run to see if I can top my high score (which isn't happening), Read Nightshade and going on to read Wolfsbane, Eating fish and chips at the seaside.

7 April 2012

What I'm taking on my holiday!

 Hello, So thought you might be interested in what I take with me when I go on my hols! So lets get onto it. 

 So this is the bag I take, I love this bag to bits it was given to me 2 years ago for my birthday by the lovely Kaitlin so you can check out her blog HERE . So lets get on with what's in there!

L:R Claire's Eyeshadow Palette ,Colour Insitute Eyeshadow Palette , Collection 2000 intense  colour eye liner in Black, Eyeliner sharpener, Colour lash mascara

L:R Claire's Eyeshadow Palette , Colour Insitute Eyeshadow Palette

I really love my Claire's palette so this is something I would take with me and this other palette is by colour institute and this has some really nice matte shades which my Claire's palette doesn't have!

L:R Elf eyeshadow brush, Elf Eye crease brush, Elf blush and bronzing brush, Primark Kubuki.

Now on to brushes, I take my 3 elf brushes the eye shadow, the crease and the blush and bronzing one! I also take my kabuki from Primark. Think these are really handy to have! 

L:R Natural Collection pressed powder in Neutral, Natural Collection blush  in Pink Cloud, Natural Collection concealer in fair, Miss Sporty So Matte foundation in 01 Light  

Next, on to face products I am taking all of the above and I will be using the concealer as a eye primer.

So this will be my last post, see you in a week!

Love Emily xx

Emily's Tip: Broken/Snapped Lipsticks!

Got the picture from Google but then edited it on Photoshop! 
Hello,I really wanted to get up a post especially on something I thought was a brill tip (think I saw it from watching snog, marry avoid did you?) to show you wonderful beauty gurus! Quick question for you! Do you have a lipstick that has snapped in half/or just snapped it general when you were in a rush and just slammed it into your bag or just accidentally dropped it on your bathroom floor? Then here is a little something you can do to get it back to it's usual self! All you will need is a lighter and your lip stick. Next light your lighter, take the end of your lipstick (not the end you use to apply the lipstick with) and melt it (don't melt it too much). Then turn off the lighter and stick the end (the melted one) of your lipstick into the casing and push down gently. Now put the lid back on, and whip it into the fridge for a couple of hours and there you go a fixed lipstick!

Hope this helped and please comment down below if you try this and it worked for you! Have a lovely day :)

Love Emily x

5 April 2012

Berlin Haul!

So as you may have guessed from a couple of my recent posts I have been away for about a week- I have been in Berlin for a school trip and I bought a couple of bits so I thought I would show you them! x

I came across this lady selling vintage jewellery and the packaging was so cute! So I could not resist. They were €6.

The pedestiran lights are different in Germany and 
they had a lot of mechanised products these earrings 
just caught my eyes I think they are SO cool! These were a little pricey at 9.95

And I had to get a t-shirt of course, I was thinking of getting one of those I  Berlin ones but I didn't this was €5. 

So that was everything I got!

Love Emily x

Week in Pictures #1

Taking pictures, playing Smurfs' Village, Selena Gomez CD when the sun goes down, reading the fallen series on the last book now!

NOTD: Spring has Sprung!

Hello, yet another post! This might not be a normal NOTD as I am doing my toes by hey-ho I like to be different! It was such a nice day and I thought I would use some springy backgrounds aka violets and grass whoop whoop!

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in "The Heiress"
Claire's Nail Polish in "Light Blue"

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth used this as a base coat

Miss Sporty Top Coat

Let's Catch up!

Hiya, SO sorry for leaving you for what seems like ages! Lot's has been happening recently since my last post I had been packing and then a couple of days later I was on my way to Berlin for a school history trip. Yesterday I came back but I was SO tired I only woke up for meals and slept the whole day through (now that is not like me at all like to seize the day) so now I am trying to bring you up to date with what's been going on. I had lots of posts ready to do before I went but there was no time what-so-ever! Which is really annoying hope you will forgive me, I have got my March faves to post (yes I know we are almost well into April - bring on the Easter eggs!) so hope you will forgive me! I am back but not for long I am going on seaside holiday with my family on the 7th  and won't be back until the 15th so I am trying to do a couple of posts...there will be a haul from the things I got from Berlin and when I get back from the seaside a haul probably for that. It is SO nice to be back in England things I missed most was blogging (of course) and good old English tea! It is not the same in Germany!

Love Emily x

March Favourites!

Hiya! So yes I know a bit late...but better late than never? I have only really just realised that most of the products below are either lilac or blue...so let's get straight in to it!!

Been reading the series through out the month and almost at the end! It is a brilliant series about a girl named Luce she gets moved to a new school called "Sword & Cross" and falls for a boy called Daniel and she then finds out that he is a fallen angel and that they have met before in past lives, I have no idea what happens in the end but I have probably only got about 200 pages left so I am SO excited to read on!

Sally Hansen Maximum growth- £4.75
1. I have tried and tested "Sally Hansen Maximum growth" nail care, I don't think it is right for my nail type as it did not improve the strength of them but it did make them grow in a week and I thought that was quite impressive. So if you have already got healthy nails and just want them to grow quicker then this is for you! 

Natural Collection Body Spray Passion Fruit- £2.00
2. I loved the smell of my mango and papaya body spray from natural collection and I thought I would get another one after spraying around in Boots I came to a decision of the Passion fruit one this smells absolutely AMAZING (swear I say that all the time...)  but it does they are also great value at only £2 defiantly a great buy and the smell is great for this Spring/Summer

Claire's Nail Polish Light Blue?- £2.25 £1
 3.This is a great colour for Spring! The consistency of this is great you really only need one coat maybe but I do prefer to do at least 2, it also dries quite quickly and I think these are about £2.25 but I went in my local Claire's and it had a £1 sticker on it so not sure whether it is still going on? Sad face as it has no shade name but on the receipt it said "light blue" (hope that helped if you want to pick up this beauty!) 

Leighton Denny Nail Polish The Heiress
4. This is also a great Spring nail polish it just reminds me of blue bells and other lilac spring flowers! This is my first Leighton Denny nail polish and thoughts:

You only need one coat.
Dried pretty quickly 
Lasts approx- 5 days (I had it on my toes so it does normally last quite a long time) 

Love Emily x

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?