16 November 2013

NYC Applelicous Lip Balm - Apple Blueberry Pie

I heard about these via MakeUpSavvy's posts, she raved about them. So I had to get them right? Also what else was aaamzingg, was they were on Fragrance Direct for 99p. So this went straight into my basket. I was half tempted to get the other shade that they had there called Garnet Apple, but I thought I would try this first then see how I feel about them. 

One thing is for sure is that they smell awesome! It isn't a in your face smell, which is good. As the name may suggest these do smell like apples, which is lovely! The smells doesn't stay on for to long on your lips, as I don't think I would like to go around smelling like an apple all day. 

I thought that it may be a plum/red wintery colour, but it is not to by disappointment, which is what I was hoping for but none the less I still love it. It adds a pinky but slightly berry tone to the lips, which is nice. The colour does stay on for a couple of hours but will fade, which I don't mind as re-appling is not a problem.

This does keep your lips, moisturised for most part of the day, if you aren't constantly rubbing your lips together, which I always find I do...I have no clue as to why..

I love this tinted lip balm and can't wait to try out many more! They also sell them at Superdrug for £2.49 currently on 3 for 2, so why not?!

7 November 2013

Instyle Magazine Freebies!

In this months instyle they are doing REN skincare freebies. This includes a day cream, eye gel and a cleansing milk. I can't wait to try these all as I have wanted to try something from REN seen as it is quite a hyped up brand among beauty youtubers, blogger and a few of my friends. I am sure you all have seen it among the the shelves of you local news agents, Tesco, any other supermarkets do apply. 

I think it is great value for money as it is on special offer for £2 plus you get 2 perfume samples and something to read on your way to school/work. I have been reading a lot of magazines lately on my daily trip to college on my bus. 

Normally I cannot read on any sort of transport, as it makes me feel slightly queasy! But magazines are great as there are only short articles and many pictures to look at. I definitely suggest you going down to a shop near you to buy one! 

I think this month I will be picking up Cosmopolitan as it has a free Orly Polish in it! 

1 November 2013

NSpa Coconut Body Butter

I love any sort of body care from shower gels, body lotion, butters and scrubs. This Coconut Body Butter from Nspa* is no exception! This smells amazing, but there is something that is slightly different from other coconut body scented products. For me it is waaay more nuttier. 

Normally, they are much more creamier and not much of a strong coco-nutty smell but, this is lovely. It really feels like something a lot more expensive as the quality is very luxurious, than it actually is.

It takes a bit to rub it into the skin but that is "the norm" with most body butters. It really makes your skin both feel very moisturised and soft! It has been 'borrowed' by both my Mum and Dad as they both suffer with dry skin. So I think that gives you a big thumbs up from all of us. 

It retails for £3 in Asda, which I honestly think could be a bit high, but a little goes a long way and it is a good quality for the money. At Asda, they mostly do have the offer on, for 2 for £4. Which is really hard to resist, as there is so much choice, and a great range of products. It also means that each product only costs a mere £2! I think this body butter could almost top The Body Shop ones. Just maybe!

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