29 April 2013

That Vanilla Moment...

 photo P1110442_zpsd930bda4.jpg
 photo P1110443_zps7ad925b0.jpg
 photo P1110444_zps7c270359.jpgGoodness this smell A-MAZING! I got this for Easter from my Mum. If you love custard or sweet desserts. This is for you. As well as the smell it leaves your skin feeling buffed and super smooth. Another thing is I lovely the packaging, it is so quirky! I am a great fan of Treacle Moon's products and want to try many more! Have you tried this?What is you favorite treacle moon product?Love Emily xx

28 April 2013

My First Graze Box

I have wanted to try a graze bow for ages! When I saw some do a blog post on it and also gave a discount code for your first free box and your fifth, I just had to go and order one. Just to give you a round up, I am not particularly pleased with what came but what I should've done on the website is selected the ones I knew I wouldn't like and "bin" them before waiting for it to arrive. I now know for next time! Well, I will get one with the post and tell you what I got. 

 photo P1110435_zps3b865133.jpg
 photo P1110436_zpsa8521560.jpg
 photo P1110437_zps22fe4d05.jpg photo P1110438_zpsc59c0bbb.jpg
So the first one I tried was the "white choc raspberry cheesecake". I thought that the name of this sounded really nice but I was wrong. I like the chocolate buttons, nice a creamy and not too sweet I ate these alongside the hazelnuts. Which was lovely. But I don't actually think there was actually any dried raspberries in them and just cranberries (which I have found I don't like). 
Would I get this again?  No, as I don't like most of the ingredients in it. 

 photo P1110441_zpsb8113d56.jpg
I was a little bit  skeptical of this one, I was also rather intrigued to see green raisins. I suppose we never really see much of them in the shops just the purple ones. So I wondered whether they tasted the same. I have to say, I don't really like it, although giving this to my Dad he said he really enjoyed it!
Would I get this again? Not for me but perhaps, if it was for my Dad!

 photo P1110439_zps1a86ffc2.jpg

thought that I would like these, and I thought that would be ideal to have alongside my sandwiches at school. I think what I didn't like about this was the texture and the taste of the rice crackers themselves.
Would I get this again? Nope!

 photo P1110440_zps611e33f6.jpg
Now, this was my favorite one, in the whole box! It was lovely and light. If you have ever tasted lemon drizzle cake, it is just like it without the drizzle topping. If you are worried about the poppy seeds, you can't actually taste them or feel them! I haven't tried the fruit tea bag yet, but I will tell you how I get on!
Would I get this again? Yes, of course!

So overall a rather disappointing first box from Graze. I suppose you are now thinking that I will be canceling my subscription to Graze. I don't think I will be as there are many more things that have caught my eye on their website which I really want to try. Graze haven me a code to give to you guys for you all to get you first box free Y7GWJKN. When you get you first box and decide you don't want it, you can easily cancel it straight away and not have to pay anything! Please tell me how you get on!

Happy Grazing
Love Emily xx
(this was not a sponsored post)

27 April 2013


 photo P1110460_zps8a50888a.jpg
 photo P1110462_zpsc48162b0.jpg
 photo P1110467_zps392c75f6.jpg
 photo P1110466_zpsd8a648d0.jpg

- New Look
Dark Gray Hoodie- New Look
Long Black Leggings- George (Asda)
Brown Plaited Belt- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark
Shoes- Sports Direct

When we had that massive heat spell last week, this is something I wore. It wasn't really hot enough to wear just a dress with no tights or leggings. These leggings are the best in my eyes, they are not at all see through and are a nice fit. I got a 10 in these just purely because I am rather tall and they fit fine. I love the pattern on this dress, and the detailing at the back, it's a bow! I suppose it is a little on the short side, that's probably why I wore leggings too. 

Love Emily xx

25 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul

I have really wanted to make a Fragrance Direct order ever since I heard of them. The idea of discounted make-up and skincare and many more things, just makes me giddy with excitement. So I just bought a couple of thing and thought I would show them to you and perhaps give you my first impressions on them. I will also link the item, if you would to purchase them (if they are still in stock). Just as a side note I ordered the Essie separate as when I ordered this lot they then cam back in stock...

 photo IMG_3360_zps43d4130f.jpg

Yes to Carrots Hand and Elbow Cream - £1.99
I have been looking for a really good hand cream lately, I like Soap and Glory's Hand Food. I Simply just wanted to try something new. It doesn't smell at all like carrots but it does have a light scent which I can't describe. 

Yes to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser - £1.99
I haven't tried this yet so, can't tell you much about whether it is good or not. It seems to smell just like the hand and elbow cream. 

Royal Giant Paddle Hair Brush - £1.49
I have been wanting a paddle brush for ages and when I saw this for only £1.49 it was a bargain I couldn't miss. It also does a great job of de-tangling my thick mop of hair. 

Clearasil Wash & Mask - £1.99
This smells lovely and fruity, makes my skin feel super fresh and soft. I like that this is a multi-use product!

Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment - £1.29
I haven't tried this yet, but I bought this to help my problematic nails. 

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish in Himalayan Blue - £1.49
This is a lovely bright blue nail polish, I love the brush on this polish. It applies really well, nice and thick. Dries in a pretty quick time. Will definitely be getting some more of these soon. 

Sally Hansen Cuticle Moisture Pen - £1.49
I have been looking for a cuticle cream/oil for a while now. This only contains about 1g but it seems to keep my cuticles in better condition than before. 

Essie Polishes-Fear & Desire and Moijto Madness - £1.99
(Yes, they are not in the picture as I bought them after and haven't had chance to photography them).
I wanted to get some more essie polishes, I thought that these colours would be great for the Spring/Summer. Lovely to have on your toes!

So I think that was quite a good haul! It all came to £17.90 including postage at £1.99 (second class and it came within 2 days of the “dispatched email”). Brilliant if you ask me, just watch it when you order and check the reviews on some of the products. Some don't match the picture of the product. 

5 April 2013

Guest Post: Skin care staples

My name’s Izzy and my blog is called 901lovely! I’ve done a guestpost for Emily before, and I’m happy to do one for her again. These four items are my skin-care staples; things that I will repurchase again and again unless I find something better.
 photo kjg004_zpsed93456a.jpg

No7 cleansing water
This is a great make-up remover! It takes my face and eye make-up off so quickly and efficiently, and if I really can’t be bothered to cleanse after, it doesn’t particularly matter, because I know this has taken the majority of it off and cleaned my skin too.

The body shop seaweed mattifying moisturiser 
This is a great moisturiser for someone who has oily skin like me. It gives me the slight moisture I need, and also keeps the shine away for longer, which is what I really look for in a product.
Kleenex shine absorbing sheets
I don’t know whether these are really classed as ‘skin-care’, but I’ll throw them in anyway. If you have oily skin and hate the shine that appears throughout the day, buy these. It’s a great way to remove the oil instead of just covering it.
Origins out of trouble mask
This mask is great for spot-prone skin like mine. It just makes my skin feel 10 times better and cleaner than it did before, and really is worth the money.

4 April 2013

Guest Post: My current top 5 most reached for products!

Hello! I’m Tiffany from xtiffyxx and today I’m guest posting for Emily while she’s away on holiday (the lucky bugger!) – Hope you enjoy!

 photo allproducts_zps4c3db357.jpg

Although my make up collection has increased somewhat since blogging, I find I have a small handful of products that I enjoy so much, I keep using them over and over – nothing else seems to get a look in! For this reason, I decided to share with you my current top 5 most reached for products.

 photo palette_zps514ab146.jpg

MUA – Undress Me Too.
This product has only been out 5 minutes but I couldn’t not put this in my top 5. Ever since I copped an eyeful of Urban Decays Naked 2 palette, I knew I needed those shades of eye shadow in my life! I couldn’t bring myself to spend that amount for the Naked 2 so I couldn’t believe my luck when MUA announced they were releasing Undress Me Too, which is a brilliant dupe! I got my mitts on it and I haven’t put it down since. I’m not very daring when it comes to eye make up, I love my neutrals in all different shades so this is the perfect palette for me. Like most other MUA eye shadows, they are soft, easy to blend, well pigmented and with eye primer they last all day. I can’t get enough of Shy, Lavish, Exposed, Reveal and Obsessed. This palette is one to beat for me.

 photo primer_zpsd6549121.jpg

Gosh – Velvet Touch Foundation Primer, Classic.
I haven’t tried hundreds of other primers, maybe 5 or 6 but each time I go running back to this one. It was the first one I bought when I heard of primer and I’m now on my second bottle – it lasts ages! Unfortunately I have quite large pores on my nose and without a good primer, I simply cannot wear foundation as it sits in all the pores and I look like a polka dot face, attractive right!? They say if you have oily skin not to use silicone based primers (which this is).. I have oily and dry skin and have found if I don’t use a silicone based one then it really shows all the dry bits and looks awful. I do get a bit of shine after a while but that’s nothing a quick trip to the bathroom and a matte powder can’t sort out. As the name suggests, it’s very soft to the touch and it also glides on lovely and doesn’t glide back off again!

 photo powder_zps00dbc79d.jpg

Rimmel – Lasting Finish, Mineral Powder Foundation – Ivory.
I have a few different foundation powders (and have chucked a few too!) but none of them get used as much as this one because none of them have really come close. I've used this since I can remember (I’m on my sixth pot, I think!) and as far as I’m aware, they don’t have it in Superdrug or Boots anymore – I've never found it anyway so I have to order it online or sometimes I find it in cheap shops like The Factory Shop. I don’t (and never have) used the white sponge bit on top because it’s rubbish so I take the top off and use a kabuki brush. I've found care needs to be taken not to use more than you need as it will make you look like you've been tangoed (never a good look!) but with a light dusting it sets my liquid foundation really nicely.

 photo mascara_zps0bfff95e.jpg
 photo mascara-wand1_zpsb2bbdfd8.jpg
 photo mascara-wand2_zpsfaa6ba0e.jpg

Rimmel – Glam Eyes, Day 2 Night Mascara.
For years I swore by Rimmels Volume Flash (the black and red one) and even now, I always need to have one in my collection.. This one, however intrigued me because it has 2 wands (#saddo!) and after walking away from it once, I couldn't do it a second time! Since I've bought it, I haven’t used anything else. The first wand (for length) lightly and evenly coats the lashes, giving them a little bit of length with no volume or clumping at all. The second wand (for volume) evenly coats the lashes, instantly making them look fuller. If you’re like me and have rubbish lashes that never seem to do a lot, then you should give this stuff a go! Usually you can hardly tell I’m wearing mascara but I put several coats of this on and they really stand out. Awesome!

 photo lipgloss_zps64e81ae9.jpg
MUA – Intense Kisses Lipgloss – Sealed With A Kiss.
For me, MUA are a brand that product wise very rarely disappoint. Their customer service on the other hand......! I got this lipgloss when MUA had their 50% discount online. You can never be too sure what you’re actually going to get when you order online as the colours can vary so much but thankfully I loved this shade. It’s a dark dusty pink with a blue undertone that gives you a “my lips but better” kind of look, which being a neutral kinda gal, I really like.. And I use it often! I like that it isn't sticky or too glossy.. Which sounds funny because it’s a lipgloss but I don’t like the overly glossy, abnormal looking ones.. Just a slight gloss will do for me. As with most lipgloss, it’s staying power isn't brilliant but that doesn't put me off at all because nearly all lip glosses (and even lipsticks) are the same. I would (and probably will) buy this over and over.. and over.

And out :) Tiffany xxx

Twitter: @xtiffyxx
Instagram: xtiffyxx

3 April 2013

What I am taking on holiday with me?

 photo IMG_3178_zps0737e27b.jpg
Simple Derma Relief Cream
Just in case I get any dry patches, you also might be wondering why I don't a have a proper moistursier included in this post. I have almost used up my pure one and plan to buy one when I get there. Perhaps the Simple hydrating one. 

Extracts Mango & Nectarine Body Butter
This smells absolutely amazing and is a perfect size, which will hopefully last me the week. 

Percy & Reed Conditioner
This is lovely travel handy size, it makes my hair feel super soft. 

Soap & Glory Hand food
Something I cannot do before going to bed, is to apply this wonderful hand cream. 

Umberto Giannini Shampoo
There is just enough in there to last me a week, I haven't tried it yet but it smells lovely!

Soap & Glory Scrub of your life
A lovely scrub, smells amazing and makes your skin super soft.

Boots Zingy berry shower gel
Perhaps the 250ml bottle is a little on the large size, but hey ho didn't have any other body wash which was smaller. It smells really nice and fruity.

 photo IMG_3181_zpsfba4b6fc.jpgI am not planning on wearing too much make-up as there is not really much point, but here are a few items I will be taking with me.Miss Sporty FoundationThis is a light to medium coverage, it super easy to apply (I will be taking my elf stipple brush). Collection concealer This is great at covering up dark under the eyes, but as this is a little on the dark side it is not great for spots. That is why I use it with Natural Collection concealer, is much lighter and suitable for redness and spots. Dermatologica Spot SprayJust in case, I do get any spots, this seems to banish them in no time. Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara This coats my lashes really well, gives them length and volume. Eye lash curlersCan't go without taking these.Revlon Balm Stain in HoneyThese are great if you want a little bit more colour to your lips and they last ages!
What sort of things do you take on holiday with you? (This is a schedualed post as I am on holiday, so I will not be able to answer any questions in the comments. I will be returning on the 6th April)

2 April 2013

March Favorites

 photo IMG_3132_zps66a12891.jpg
 photo IMG_3145_zps66821d2e.jpg

Percy & Reed Hair Conditioner
A lovely product made my hair super shiny, smooth and the scent stayed in your hair. It wasn't a fruity scent which I used to in hair products it almost smelt like some conditioner you would find in a salon.

Essie Aruba Blue
This is a gorgeous dark blue metallic polish. I don't own anything like this it is also a similar colour to my prom dress (perhaps a future post?)  

nspa grapefruit body lotion
Smells a-mazing and is super moistursing. 

Simple Derma Relief Cream
This cleared up any dry patches that cropped up in no time!

Nivea Lip Balm
A nice alternative to a scented lip balm, I like applying this before going to bed. 

I have got an app of the month as I haven't been downloading any new ones,  but I do have a song. It is by Taylor Swift, and it is from her old album titled "Fearless" (don't you just love old songs?) It is titled "Teardrops on my guitar", this is quite a sad and slow one but by far my favorite, along with the classic of "Love Story" and "Our Song". 

Book of the Month The Dark Heroines
I would have taken a picture of this but it is no longer in my hands, I borrowed it from my friend Izzy as she had said it was rather good. And it is, if you love vampires, then I am sure you will like this. It also has a bit of romance in it too! 

What have you been loving this month?
(This is a schedualed post as I am on holiday, so I will not be able to answer any questions in the comments. I will be returning on the 6th April)

1 April 2013

March Empties

 photo IMG_3185_zpsadfeca33.jpg
 photo IMG_3184_zpsd7c70eed.jpg
 photo IMG_3186_zpsdec64c04.jpg
Wilko pink body spray
This was a very nice and sweet smelling spray.
Repurchase? Yes!

Charlie Spirit Body Spray
A lovely scent again quite fruity.
Repurchase? Sure

Elegant Touch Nail Spray
Quite a handy little product but not super amazing
Repurchase? Not really, perhaps if it is offer.

Wilko Lemon Shower Gel
A fresh and zingy shower gel, great for those early mornings.
Repurchase? Yes

Wilko Fragrance free wipes
Just bog standard wipes, I have talked about a few times now. Gets rid of all my make-up.
Repurchase? Already have.

Lacura Travel Hand Wipes
Smelled nice, did the job but I always find with wipes is they leave a sticky residue.
Repurchase? Maybe.

Melvita Rose Moisturiser Sachet
Not a big fan  of rose scent products, it was nice. It sunk in pretty quickly, a left my skin feeling hydrated.
Repurchase? Nice but not amazing, as well I would be able to stand the smell!

Natural Collection Foundation
Nice light to medium coverage, long levity not so much but what can you expect for £1.99?
Repurchase? Not yet, as I want to try out some new foundations.

What have you used up this month?
(This is a schedualed post as I am on holiday, so I will not be able to answer any questions in the comments. I will be returning on the 6th April)

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?