28 February 2012

February Favourites

So here as promised my February faves...

Mango Body Butter (smells amazing), Natural Collection Mango and Papaya Body Spray

Natural Collection Blusher in Pink Cloud, Rimmel London Day 2 Night Mascara

Non beauty related faves:
I've always wanted to do this, if you would like this sort of thing comment below I would love it :)

Favourite Book:The Hunger games books,  please go over and read  Izzy's post on it for more info.

Favourite Songs:
1.Domino- Jessie J
2.One Thing- One Direction
3.We Own the Night- Selena Gomez feat. Pixie Lott
4.Paradise- ColdPlay
5.Warzone- The Wanted

Favourite Food:
Carrot and Cucumber with mayo yum! x

Love Emily x
(name one thing you have been liking this month in the comments box down below could be beauty related or not) x

27 February 2012

Review: Organic 7th heaven fruit pulp non-drying face mask (strawberry)

Hiya, hope your all well! So hopefully this review won't be too long (fingers crossed) I had this in my little blue container of hand creams and what not since Christmas and I thought you know what I'm gonna treat myself to a face mask and so I did. This face mask smells SO tasty, if any of you have had "Strawberry Angle Delight it smells exactly like it"...It is a bit sad you can't eat it :( So basically you wet your face a little and then apply the mask and leave it for 15-20 minutes this is a non-drying one which I have never had before but defiantly won't be going back. 

Sorry for the weird pouty face there...lol 
I applied it quite thickly only as I had alot of it.

After washing it off it leaves your face feeling so soft and smelling SO sweet. I will defiantly be buying another one any time soon.I think they around a £1, so very inexpensive.  You also do get quite a lot of product so I had to give some to my mum.

Love Emily x
(any other reviews of products you have seen in past posts just ask and also any questions I will more than be happy to answer them...I don't bite actually I do..only joking x)

NOTD: Oh Very Pink

Hiya, just a quick NOTD. I really love this nail polish it is really clever as in some lights it is matte, others metallic and has blue shimmery undertones, which I think is SO cool this got given to be with a few others that I think came in  a magazine. I really want to get the full size but not really sure what shade it is as it has no label :(

Love Emily x

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag

Hiya! So I have seen alot of Youtube videos on this and thought whether we could do it on blogger so here it is...

1) GREED - What is your most inexpensive beauty product? What is your most expensive? 

MUA Nail Polish in Shade 15 (I do have more but thought i would just choose this) 
Rimmel London Glam eyes day 2 night mascara (I know it does cost only £7.99 but I am a real bargain hunter when  it comes to make-up also I have really only got fully into make-up and geuss what this retails for £7.99 but I got it for £4.99 on special offer). 
2) WRATH - What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been hardest to find?

Eye Shadow Mini Pro Palette (Warm) I use this with my Natural Collection Concealer, sometimes I really don't want to wear it others I really do and because sometimes I get a lot of fall out which really bugs me.
3) GLUTTONY - What are your most delicious beauty products?

Natural Collection Body Spray in Mango and Papaya
Cherry Cola Lip Balm
4) SLOTH - What beauty product do you neglect due to laziness?

Bronzer and Highlighter- can't be bothered with it and always forget.
5) PRIDE - What beauty product gives you more confidence?

Mascara- Makes your eye lashes look longer and fuller
6) LUST - What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Someone that will make you giggle
7) ENVY - What item would you most like to receive as a gift?
Anything I not really fussed, but perhaps some expensive make-up as I am not really a one to splash out.

I tag:

901ovely- Izzy
LiveFashionLoveMakeup- Kaitlin
That thing called make-up- Jenny
PinkFreeze133- Georgia
Also anyone else that wishes to...

Love Emily  

14 February 2012

Mahusive Shopping Haul!

If you know me when I go shopping I only buy about 4 or less things but yesterday I don't know what happened I just had a mahusive splurge, so to me this is alot of stuff.

Mango and Papaya Body Spray £2.03, Elegant Touch Nail Spray £3.65, Natural Collection Liquid Concelar- Fair £1.99, Collection 2000 Intense Eyeliner Pencil in Black £1.99

So first place I went to was Boots and I bought all the things above. As you saw in my shopping list I really wanted the vanilla body spray but in the end I found I loved the Mango and Papaya one instead it is SO fruity this will definetly be in my february favourites!

Then I have been wanting this baby for ages and after lot of ummm..no and ummm..yes I got it, it is the nail drying spray lots of my friends told me not to get it as you can just wait for your nails to dry for free (lol) but another one of my friends said to get it as they had it and it was good so i got it in the end!

After that I got the Natural Collection Liquid Concelar in 'Fair'. I really needed a liquid concelar and you can also use it as a eye primer and I really need a eye primer. 

The last thing I got from Boots was this intense eye pencil from collection 2000 and I really needed a new one as all of mine are all RUBBISH so I asked my friend Kaitlin (as she has this one) whether it was any good and she said "YES, IT IS SOOOO GOOD". So I got it :)

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Care £4.59, MUA Valentines Lip Balm- Sugar Lips £2.
I will defainlty tell you guys how I get on with my sally hansen and tell you whether it accually work :)

My Friend Izzy said that MUA had issued especially for Valentines day lip balms and Nail Polishes and as you can guess if you have ever eaten the sweets called "Love Hearts" you will know that is where the packaging comes from, I could not resist there was also a nude lip balm and a bright red. My friend that it has that same smell that MAC's Tinted Lip Conditioner it sort of has that vanilla scent. I didn't get the nail polish the packaging looks similar to "Models Own".

Strawberry Earrings £3, Gold Bow Ring (large) £2.50, Cupcake Earrings £3.
 I had still got a clarie's giftcard from my birthday last year and it had £5.50 on it so I thought I'd have a browse in there and see if I could see anything I liked, I had seen in there this really cute bow ring last time I went in then the next time I went in there it was there and I couldn't buy it with my giftcard as there was something wrong with the tills. This time I found it but it was in the wrong size I really only needed a medium but they didn't have any only small and large so I got a large as a small was too small. They also had a 3 for 2 offer so it all came up to £6 so I only had to pay a small fee of 50p.

Lush Times Free, Handcreams (left to right) "Handy Gurugu Hand Cream" and "Helping Hands Hand Cream".
I got these samples for my mum as she went in there ages ago and said there was a hand cream at the till and she tried it and it made her hands feel really soft, so the nice daughter I am got her a sample of it, but when I got there the lady said they had two types of hand cream and I thought there was only one so she said she would give me both (which I thought was nice!) 

White Camisole £2
Coral "Chicago" T-Shirt Primark £3, for me this T-Shirt looks a little in the style of "Hollister" do you think so to?

"Lacrosse" Label Bottom Right

I also got a pink zip up hoodie which was only £5 BARGIN sorry there isn't a photo it will probally be updated with one x

Love Emily

NOTD: Valentines Day!

Just thought I'd show you my nails for Valentines Day, not really doing much today...

Gold Bow Ring Claire's £2.50

(left-right) Primark Top Coat on top of everything, Base Coat (Silver Glitter) on my ring fingers & MUA Nail Polish Shade 8 really nice red colour.

Love Emily xx

7 February 2012

Review: On E.L.F Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Warm

So I ordered this on Boxing Day last year off the elf website and it came within a matter of 2 days which is amazing. But there was some funny marks on it so I asked them what it was and sent a picture to show them and the lady said "I'm not sure but we will make sure it won't happen again...then she went on to say that they would replace it free of charge and that it was on it's way". I thought this was sooo nice and wasn't really expescting that reaction. So defainlty reccomend elf to any of you! Right back on to the product (sorry for all that wafflerling) The other shade you can get is "cool" which is more like blues and cool colours (doh!)

 You get a combo of shimmery and matte eye shadows which is good. There are nice nudes and brown and also rusty reds and blacks.
 I have been using my eye shadow brush and crease to apply the eye shadow. It is best to use a primer for the glittery ones as they seem to fall out (as I found out one day at school "Emily what's that glitter all under your eyes...") I have heard that their primer is good so I might purchase that. There are 32 shades which gives you a lot to choose from. I think this is usually £7.50 but in the christmas sales I got it for £3.75 which I think is a BARGIN! Even for £7.50 that is still good value.

Wakee wakee hope you haven't fallen asleep. xx
Any other reviews just ask xx

4 February 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

So Hi guys I know perhaps your thinking 'huh...this is supposed to be a beauty blogger and she is doing cooking'. Well one of my passions is to cook and I thought perhaps I could share my tasty treats with you guys, hope you enjoy xxx

75g (3oz) Butter or Hard Margarine
75g (3oz) Caster Sugar
75g (3oz) Soft Light Brown Sugar
Few drops of Vanilla Extract
1 Medium Egg
175g (7oz) Self Raising Flour
1 Packet of Chocolate Chips


Mixing Bowl
1 Cup/Mug
Wooden Spoon
2 Baking Trays (covered with baking parchment)
Cooling Rack

So lets get cooking!!

Firstly, make sure you have all of your equipment out
Next, put the oven on 180° (Gas Mark 4)
Cut out some baking parchment and set it on the baking tray.
Beat the egg in to a mug.
Place the margarine/butter into the mixing bowl and beat until soft using a wooden spoon.
Add all the sugars and a cap full of vanilla extract and continue beating until soft and creamy.
Then, gradually beat in egg using a wooden spoon.
After that, sift the flour in to the mixing bowl and fold (using the figure of 8 motion). DON'T BEAT!
After everything has been folded thoroughly, then fold in the chocolate chips (if you don't have chips you can you a bar of chocolate or you favorite chocolate bar...once I did it with a Crunchie bar and they tasted amazing but what you want to do is put it in to a freezer bag and bash it with a rolling pin.
Now, flour your hands get very small balls of the mixture and they don't need to be mahousive as they will spread so trust me keep them quite small it should make about 15-20 cookies so put about 9 balls onto each tray.
Bake the cookies for 12-15 minutes or until they have a bit of colour, if you want to have the millies cookies gooie ness take them out a little before time.
When they are cooked, cool for 1 minute then lift onto the  cooling rack and leave until cold.
Once they are cold you can eat them (yeah!)

Hope you enjoy making them, please tell me how they go and please commetn what they tasted like. xx

2 February 2012

January Favorites!

Hiya Everyone, this is my first favorites blog post so hope you enjoy! (and hopefully there will be one every month!)

This shower gel  from lush is from their christmas collection and only comes out at christmas which is a bit of a downer.This smells AMAZING! This is usually £3.25 but at the end of christmas everyone of their christmas products goes on sale for half the price which is AMAZING (think I keep saying that too much lol) so I got mine for about £1.62 which is good value almost the same price as a normal shower gel! I've been trying not to use to much though as I don't think it will last until next year!

I have been loving  this scent from  Revlon - Charlie in "Chic" I really love the packaging of this and the smell is the best i am  not sure what it smells of as i have not really good at describing it but believe me it smells good and I got mine for a £1 as in tescos they had an special offer. Usually they are £1.60 or something in that price range which is really good value!

 really been loving this mascara from  Collection 2000 it is really great it really lengthens them  and at £2.99 it is a bargin!

I got this sample from  Lush of the R&B hair conditioner and I am not sure whether I will buy it as it costs about £10 but the smell is a little weird but it does the job! you can get samples from  the desk at lush and they will give you a little of it to tryout at home which I think is really good. As you don't really want to spend £10 on something then find out you don't like it :) Next time your in Lush ask for a sample!

This lip scrub (which I have a tutorial on my blog so check it out!) has done wonders for my lips this winter it really does keep them smooth and it tastes so yummy!

 Love this blusher from elf it is in the 'Shy' is a really nice natural shade and I really like it :)

 This foundation I have been using for the past month is really actually of quite a good standard foundation. At £3 something this has got to be good!

 Hides blemishes and redness very good at about £1.70 something great value!

 Been LOVING elfs's lipstick in classy (I really want to get another shade but unsure what...if you have purchased another colour from elf and is not too bright please leave a comment below thanks x) it is not too bright which I like and it also smells great too just like grapes, others fruits and sweets!

Last product I have been loving is my elf 32pc eye shadow palette and this has some great colours in it and different types from shimmery to nude and matte ones I really do love this and it was only £3.75 or without the 50% offer it is around £7.50 but still that is a good buy!

sorry it was a bit long...hope you haven't fallen asleep (lol)

until the next time bye bloggeroonies!!!

1 February 2012

Liebster blog award!

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to 901lovely for giving me the 'liebster blog' award! I'm so thankful and excited...this is the best award I've ever been given! Please go check out her blog...she is awsome

The rules for this award are:

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The Versatile Blogger Award!

(Sorry it's late!)
Second award in the space of a week and I'm so excited! I'm so grateful...thank you so much LIZZY for giving me this award! Here are the

(also please check them out as they are amazing!)

7 interesting facts about me!
-I love reading!
-I LOVE making things!
-I LOVE drama
-I have no siblings
-My birthday is in June
-People sometimes think of me as crazy/loud!
-I am very creative

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?