31 January 2012

Natural Collection Review

Hello, so I've got a review on boots own brand own make-up called Natural Collection. All of the products vary from £1.79 to £1.99 or you can buy 3 products for £5 or 3 for 2 which is about the same price. I think this amazing for the quality, but sometimes some of the products are not the best! So lets get own with it :)

Here are my products I forgot about the foundation so I copied a picture from boots website

The first product I think I ever bought from Natural Collection was their Shine Away Foundation, At first I really loved this product especially for £1.99 but for some reason after a few months of using it when I applied it with my fingers and a make-up sponge it started to peel off which I was not that happy with but for £1.99 I don't mind as I didn't spend a fortune. It wasn't shiny which was good you did get quite a good amount for your money and The colours and the coverage was quite good as well. But I wouldn't recommend it, if you want a short term foundation and a quite good coverage and don't want to blow your budget then I think it is quite a good buy!

The second product I bought was a lip-gloss these are £1.99. I have actually bought 2 of these but I lost one at school so I bought another one but anyway this is just a bog standard clear gloss, it also smells amazing just like vanilla as it says on the colour. I also bought another lip gloss but the smell is not as nice as the vanilla one but anyway, this is called Turkish Delight this is a nice dark pink and has a little shimmer in it and I am not sure what it smells of but it is quite nice but not my favourite smells!

The third product, I have is the pressed powder I really do like this I have gone though 2 of these I got one for Christmas last year and I loved it so I got it again! This is really nice is stays on quite a long time but you do need to re-apply it. The colours are good. So yes I would recommend it!!

The fourth product I have is the blusher from Natural Collection I did 2 of these again! I had one in quite a dark pink but didn't really like it but my friend Izzy said to get a lighter one she has one in pink cloud so I recently purchased that and loved it ! That was also £1.99.

The last product, I have is the Lash length Mascara. I also have gone though 2 of these as I got one for Christmas last year and bought another one. It really is quite good at lengthening your lashes. A great bargain for mascara but the life of it doesn't last that long.

So that's my Natural collection review hope you enjoyed if you want more reviews on any of the products you may have seen in past posts then just ask me I will be more than happy to do them for you!

Love Emily xx


  1. New follower! I have the natural collection blush too, i love it pretty and pink :)


    1. Oh Thank you I will follow back...yeah they are really good xx


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