17 January 2012

What's in my School Make-up Bag?

So I saw my friend Izzy put this up so I thought I would. Hope you enjoy!

This is my make-up bag I take to school it is quite big but it can fit everything I need in it.This is from Tescos it is £3 also came with hand creamand nails care bits

 I really love the smell of this charlie spray in "Chic" my friend Izzy always used to have this and I thought that about £1.70 is quite alot so when I saw this in Tescos for only a £1 I could not resist.

I love my little green tin from superdrug is the same as vasaline but probally half the price! some apple excracts in it as well so it smells good! This is 99p from Superdrug.

 Love my carex handgel it is so handy to have I bought this a while ago and now have none left as you can see. I think they have put the price up because when I bought it mine was only 99p but I think it is now £1.45. This also smells great just like limes and grapefruits.

Plain old mirror in the shape of a rose.

 Love my pressed powder from Natural Collection might have to top it up again but is a good buy if your on a budget also if you want an even cheaper one try the MUA ones I would have one but I bought one in shade one and it was still too orange for me what a bummer!
Love my blusher too!

I use my kabuki brush to apply my powder and blusher I think this is about £1.50 from Primark

I have this a a back-up as I just love the smell of it but this does make your lips a little redder than ususal...

I also sometimes take my lip scrub as my lips get so dry and sore in the winter and it is a good excuse as it tastes so good! I have done a tutorial on my blog for how to make my lip scrub it is so easy to do so why not?

Thanks for reading remember to follow!
Love Emily xx


  1. I have that Charlie spray! It's one of my favourites!
    Lizzy, xxx

    1. Yeah it smells great doesn't it? will be in my favourites for my january! xx
      Emily xx

  2. I've given you the liebster blog award! Check out my post for more details! <3

  3. Heyy u woulnt mind following me coz i have been following u <3

    1. Of course will have a look at your blog now :)

  4. That makeup bag and compact mirror are SO cute. I love your blog btw, came across it earlier. I am now following :)

  5. I actually used to always have Dr Pepper Lip Smackers. :D I love this post!

    Lizzums x

    1. Hehehe I great thing to have with you everywhere you go! Thank you! :) xx


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