18 June 2012

Little bit of creativity

Not my normal post, I know but I thought I would share with you some things I have been getting up to. I was watching "Super Scrimpers" if you have never heard of the programme it is basically a money saving programme I really find the make-up and crafty ones really fun and I watched this one on "how-to make your own scented decorations" and I just loved it, I had couple of bits of material and thread and ribbon that I have wanted to use but I just loved them so much I didn't want to use them. I cut out two heart shapes of the same material and sewed them together just before I got to the end I got some stuffing and stuffed it in until it was quite plump and sewed up the rest. Then I got some ribbon cut it to the right size and tied it on one of the pieces of thread.I really love this idea and using rose material looks really vintage and kitsch (is that the right word?) which I have sort of been getting into..I think I will be making so more different combos and I might use the zig-zag scissors to get a nice effect, hope you enjoyed! Also my birthday is in 9 days I can't wait!!!

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