21 July 2012

My Week in Photos #2


Costa Mango & Passion Fruit Cooler on the ferry, bought O.P.Is, all of our make-up and wash bags, our make-sift brush holder, view outside our room, day 1 going up a mountain in a cable car with some of my friends, getting set to go, Izzy and I, Getting higher, Getting higher & higher, day 2 in Europa park, the silver star (biggest roller coaster in Europe which I didn't go on as I am not really a one for them), Izzy and I getting ready for a wateride, other people on the wateride, someone got a little wet, went on Euromir quite scary, strange cow woman doing tricks with batons, people jumping off of things, went on this cute little train around the park, friends sitting down a Europa park, Lake Titsee at night, pedal boats, Mango Ice cream, Izzy with her sunglasses, Izzy and I at this pretty cathedral, broke my sunglasses :(, Izzy sunbathing, Kinder egg thing, Kinder egg thing free gift, Twist Watermelon gum (which tastes SO yummy!

What have you been doing this week?


  1. Hey, Shameta here :D
    I just did the This or That tag over at my blog
    And I tagged you. Hope you'll have time to do it. :)x

    1. Hey Shameta! Cool, of course I will do it ;) xxx


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