7 November 2013

Instyle Magazine Freebies!

In this months instyle they are doing REN skincare freebies. This includes a day cream, eye gel and a cleansing milk. I can't wait to try these all as I have wanted to try something from REN seen as it is quite a hyped up brand among beauty youtubers, blogger and a few of my friends. I am sure you all have seen it among the the shelves of you local news agents, Tesco, any other supermarkets do apply. 

I think it is great value for money as it is on special offer for £2 plus you get 2 perfume samples and something to read on your way to school/work. I have been reading a lot of magazines lately on my daily trip to college on my bus. 

Normally I cannot read on any sort of transport, as it makes me feel slightly queasy! But magazines are great as there are only short articles and many pictures to look at. I definitely suggest you going down to a shop near you to buy one! 

I think this month I will be picking up Cosmopolitan as it has a free Orly Polish in it! 


  1. I'm not a magazine reader (except for Sport) but I'm so tempted to buy it just for these. REN is a great make and I'm so surprised they are actually doing this. And they look like decent sized freebies, too! Not like those tiny satchels you get where it's only 10% full. I am so tempted. Damn you.

    Hurricane Venus

  2. i love getting magazines that have freebies in. they're a bonus! xx



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