13 March 2012

Everyday Make-up Products

Hiya, this is my everyday make-up products that I use (you guessed it) everyday, so just gonna get right into it and here they are!

First, I apply my daily moisturiser (which isn't in the picture, sorry) then apply a light foundation this one is from the "Miss Sporty" range this is only very light coverage which is good for my skin as I don't get many spots or redness but sometimes when I do have the "bad days" it does a good job and at £3.49 you can't go wrong.

Second,  I apply my under eye concelar this one is from Primark and this just combats any darkness under my eyes, then I put a dot of my Natural Collection Concealer which I use as a eyelid primer (it does work quite well considering) and blend it in now yes obviously if you have applied a eye primer you need eye shadow but yes again this is not in the photo but I either use my Elf 32pc eye shadow palette in warm or my Claire's neutral palette. I use my Elf crease brush and eye shadow brush.

Next I apply my Natural Collection Pressed powder with my pink kabuki from Primark then my Elf blush in Shy I apply this with my Elf Blushing and Bronzing Brush.

After that sometimes I use my black eye-liner from Collection 2000 I find this is really quite good especially for £1.99 (can't beat a good bargain!) it lasts the whole school day which I LOVE and the pigmentation is so good! I apply this to my water line. Then I apply a couple of coats of my Collection 2000 Mascara also have to say this is quite a good mascara for only £2.99.

Lastly the lips! First I apply my good old green tin from Superdrug then let it soak in for a few minutes then apply my Elf Lipstick in Classy!

So that's my everyday make-up,  hope you enjoyed and any questions please comment below!

Love Emily x


  1. nice blog
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    1. Oh Thank you! I will pop over to your blog now :)
      Love Emily xx


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