19 March 2012

Review: Collection 2000

Hello Everyone! This is a review on some of my products that I have from “Collection 2000” I don't have every make-up item from their range but I do think they are a great brand of make-up and with continue to buy from them, so lets get straight into it! x

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Nail Polishes - £1.79

Firstly I have 5 of their nail polishes, these are really great if you are in a rush and don't have time to wait too long for your nail polish to dry if you put a thin coat on all your nails the first finger will completely be dry but it is very streaky! Then if you put a next coat on (which you do need) to build up a better and brighter colour it is also dry! They have a great range of colours for all the seasons. I do have to say that it does chip in after a matter of 2 days :( Which is a bit annoying but I am sure if you have (or purchase) a good top coat that makes your nail polish have a longer life it will work much better. I have 43 Fruit Salad, Parma Violets, Blue Moon, Candy Floss and Lemon soda all great colours in my opinion! And great value for £1.79

Collection 2000 Maxiflex Nail Polish - £2.99

I have a had this nail polish for donkey years (that's why it's got nail polish on the lid) and it is a great colour and lasts forever as I have had it for a few years the consistency had gone all gloopy :( which is really annoying this is in the colour “Nudge Nudge!”

Collection 2000 Extreme Felt tip Eyeliner - £2.99

Next I have a felt tip liner, I accidentally got a purple one I think I must have not seen the colour on the end in the shop and thought it was a black one but I have tried it out on top of a black one and you can't see it is purple which is great as I would have wasted £2.99 :( But if you do choose to go out and buy this please check twice what the colour is!

Collection 2000 Intense Black Eyeliner - £1.99

Also have a pencil eye-liner, this is also great it lasts the whole day and the pigmentation is amazing it is jet black and it is so soft so it is easy to apply. So defiantly recommend this! And the price is amazing too! This is in 01 Black Magic. I did have another one but it was just a plain black one but it is still good.

Collection 2000 Colour lash Mascara

I have a mascara and this is my favourite mascara so far and it does what any good mascara does! It isn't voluminous and doesn't build up thick lashes it is just one that would suit just a natural look. It does make you look like you have quite a few lashes but it is not for a dramatic look! It doesn't smudge, lasts the whole day and it waterproof to a certain extent.

Collection 2000 Pure Lipgloss

I have 2 lip glosses 1 just a plain clear one (icing 01) and another which is a baby pink (sorbet 08) colour these aren't sticky smell quite nice and last a couple of hours.

Collection 2000 Angelic Eye Shadow Palette


I have an eye shadow palette with 9 colours in it the pigmentation of them is fantastic and they last all day long you don't really need a primer on as they don't fall out. I have only really used the browns but perhaps I will be adventurous one day and try them out.

So that's my review on the make-up brand “Collection 2000”. All my opinions are my own hope you enjoyed and please if you want to see more to come follow :)

Love Emily xx

P.S Any requests? please comment I really need some inspiration at the moment and and questions will be more than happy to answer!

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