12 March 2012

Wishlist #1

So here it is..I was going to this on a wednesday as people do a "Wednesday Wishlist" but I might as well do it now considering I already have the picture sorted! So hope you enjoy! x

1. So, I have been wanting OPI for what seems like ages but haven't weighed out the odds yet whether it will actually be worth it, my friend Izzy purchased one and said they were good so that is kinda steering me towards it! I also think I probally earn it as well with lots of exams recently I think I need a bit of treat!

2.I've wanted to try Topshop make-up and also cream blushers so why not bring the two together? Not sure about this colour might get a different one. Correct me if I am wrong but is the Shade Head over heels? I didn't really look to be honest...oops!

3.I also have been wanting to tryout some of the Miss Sporty range of nail polishes but didn't no whether they are any good but when I saw a review from Louise I could not resist and also I would like to add a navy blue to my collection of what 50 nail polishes! I know how could you collect that many!! I am quite ashamed of myself when one day I counted them up and there were 50 and it doesn't really look like it either!

4.I have gone many a time to Lush and wibbled and wobbled this shower jelly (haven't you?) and the cool thing is your hands don't feel really sticky after it...also the smell of this is sort of blackcurrenty which I LOVE! Also I think for £3.50? this is quite a bargain as I am sure you could probably get quite a few uses out of it!

5.I really need a new pair of good straighteners as mine are totally rubbish! I saw these in boots but I am stuck with Remingtons or the Babilss ones I just can't decide and if it was me I would go for the cheaper ones but they are both £18.99 which I know is a good price but I just can't decide...I am sure I will come to a decidedtion in the end! But there we go another thing to note about me I'm SO indecisive!  it really annoys me at times.

So there we go my wishlist,  hope you enjoyed reading and please feel free to comment 

Love Emily x

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