26 November 2012

November Empties!

Lately I have been rapidly getting down on all of my mini shower gels, shampoos and conditioners so I thought I would do an early empties post.Lately I have been rapidly getting down on all of my mini shower gels, shampoos and conditioners so I thought I would do an early empties post.


Superdrug facial wash
I thought I would try and empty this as quickly as possible, it was one that I used before I found the simple one. It is nothing really special but it does a good job of clearing my skin.

Simple Hydrating Moisturiser
This is a staple product for me, even when my skin is super dry this doesn't sting as many of my other moisturisers I have tried and this just sinks in, in no time. I will re-purchase this.

Rimmel London Curve Mascara
I loved this mascara it does everything I want in a mascara (curls and lengthens) but I could tell as soon as it came to the end of its life the quality of the mascara was deteriorating. I will re-purchase this when I need a new mascara (which will be quite a while as I have built up quite a collection).

Tesco fruity Strawberry Shower Gel
I emptied the lime one of these and loved it so much and the same goes for this they smell so lovely, only problem is they only come out at Christmas so I will have to stock up on them before they disappear.


Marks & Spencer Lemon Shower Gel
This is ideal for using in the morning to wake you up and the smell does linger on your skin. I will re-purchase this.

Sainbury's Lavender Foot Scrub
This is great for feet which have had a hard day. I love this as it relaxes you before bed. So if I can find it (I think it came in a set) I will re-purchase it.

Boots Chocolate Milkshake Shower Gel
This feels like a luxury product to me, really nice a moisturising and smells just like chocolate.

Schwartzkopf Pomegranate Conditioner
I only bought this as a one off as I had ran out of conditioner but I think I will have to re-purchase this as it does wonders for my hair and smells really fruity.



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