28 October 2013

Montagne Jenesse T-Zone Peel Off

I bought this at Asda for only 50p, which is an amazing bargain! I wanted something with quite active ingredients in it to remove some hideous blemishes that I had erupting on my face. Which is did eventually do. I had been wanting to try one of their 2 step treatments, ever since I heard MissBudgetBeauty talk about them. 

It applied just like a gel and started to dry. At first, it burned my face. Now I did kind of want to wash this of immediately but it wasn't a super painful burning, it did sting my eyes only a little though. It was a pain that you could cope with. Which I am am glad I did as it calmed down considerably after around 5 minutes.

I gave it the full recommended time (10/15 minutes) and I have to say it was super fun to peel it off. I also felt so much better after! It felt like all the impurities had disappeared. After peeling it off, I applied the moisturiser which sunk in pretty fast. 

The following morning my face looked and felt much better. I also had a little bit more of the moisturiser let over which I applied before doing my make-up.

What I would say though is if you have terribly dry or sensitve skin I wouldn't suggest you trying this as it has a very strong smell to it and it might give you a bad reaction as it is so active. 

I can't wait to try out another face mask which I picked up at the same time which is for dry skin. So look out for a review to come soon!

What are you favourite Face Masks?


  1. i love montagne jeunesse!

    lovely post:-)
    zofia xo

  2. i actually love these masks! really refreshing, also loving your blog so ive followed you on bloglovin and gfc :) x



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