7 April 2012

What I'm taking on my holiday!

 Hello, So thought you might be interested in what I take with me when I go on my hols! So lets get onto it. 

 So this is the bag I take, I love this bag to bits it was given to me 2 years ago for my birthday by the lovely Kaitlin so you can check out her blog HERE . So lets get on with what's in there!

L:R Claire's Eyeshadow Palette ,Colour Insitute Eyeshadow Palette , Collection 2000 intense  colour eye liner in Black, Eyeliner sharpener, Colour lash mascara

L:R Claire's Eyeshadow Palette , Colour Insitute Eyeshadow Palette

I really love my Claire's palette so this is something I would take with me and this other palette is by colour institute and this has some really nice matte shades which my Claire's palette doesn't have!

L:R Elf eyeshadow brush, Elf Eye crease brush, Elf blush and bronzing brush, Primark Kubuki.

Now on to brushes, I take my 3 elf brushes the eye shadow, the crease and the blush and bronzing one! I also take my kabuki from Primark. Think these are really handy to have! 

L:R Natural Collection pressed powder in Neutral, Natural Collection blush  in Pink Cloud, Natural Collection concealer in fair, Miss Sporty So Matte foundation in 01 Light  

Next, on to face products I am taking all of the above and I will be using the concealer as a eye primer.

So this will be my last post, see you in a week!

Love Emily xx


  1. Good to see someone posting about make up that ordinary people can actually afford! You get SO sick of MAC this, MAC that. [Rolls eyes in skint exasperation and would buy Bourjois and No7 even if she was rich...]

    1. Yes, I do understand sometimes though cheaper brands are better than more expensive ones and you can also find lots of great dupes!
      Love Emily xx


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