5 April 2012

March Favourites!

Hiya! So yes I know a bit late...but better late than never? I have only really just realised that most of the products below are either lilac or blue...so let's get straight in to it!!

Been reading the series through out the month and almost at the end! It is a brilliant series about a girl named Luce she gets moved to a new school called "Sword & Cross" and falls for a boy called Daniel and she then finds out that he is a fallen angel and that they have met before in past lives, I have no idea what happens in the end but I have probably only got about 200 pages left so I am SO excited to read on!

Sally Hansen Maximum growth- £4.75
1. I have tried and tested "Sally Hansen Maximum growth" nail care, I don't think it is right for my nail type as it did not improve the strength of them but it did make them grow in a week and I thought that was quite impressive. So if you have already got healthy nails and just want them to grow quicker then this is for you! 

Natural Collection Body Spray Passion Fruit- £2.00
2. I loved the smell of my mango and papaya body spray from natural collection and I thought I would get another one after spraying around in Boots I came to a decision of the Passion fruit one this smells absolutely AMAZING (swear I say that all the time...)  but it does they are also great value at only £2 defiantly a great buy and the smell is great for this Spring/Summer

Claire's Nail Polish Light Blue?- £2.25 £1
 3.This is a great colour for Spring! The consistency of this is great you really only need one coat maybe but I do prefer to do at least 2, it also dries quite quickly and I think these are about £2.25 but I went in my local Claire's and it had a £1 sticker on it so not sure whether it is still going on? Sad face as it has no shade name but on the receipt it said "light blue" (hope that helped if you want to pick up this beauty!) 

Leighton Denny Nail Polish The Heiress
4. This is also a great Spring nail polish it just reminds me of blue bells and other lilac spring flowers! This is my first Leighton Denny nail polish and thoughts:

You only need one coat.
Dried pretty quickly 
Lasts approx- 5 days (I had it on my toes so it does normally last quite a long time) 

Love Emily x

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