7 April 2012

Emily's Tip: Broken/Snapped Lipsticks!

Got the picture from Google but then edited it on Photoshop! 
Hello,I really wanted to get up a post especially on something I thought was a brill tip (think I saw it from watching snog, marry avoid did you?) to show you wonderful beauty gurus! Quick question for you! Do you have a lipstick that has snapped in half/or just snapped it general when you were in a rush and just slammed it into your bag or just accidentally dropped it on your bathroom floor? Then here is a little something you can do to get it back to it's usual self! All you will need is a lighter and your lip stick. Next light your lighter, take the end of your lipstick (not the end you use to apply the lipstick with) and melt it (don't melt it too much). Then turn off the lighter and stick the end (the melted one) of your lipstick into the casing and push down gently. Now put the lid back on, and whip it into the fridge for a couple of hours and there you go a fixed lipstick!

Hope this helped and please comment down below if you try this and it worked for you! Have a lovely day :)

Love Emily x


  1. Nice post Emily! I will follow you if you follow back.
    Hannah x


    1. Thanks Hannah!I followed your blog a while back :)
      Love Emily xx


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