8 May 2013

My Second Graze Box

 photo P1110540_zps53d991bf.jpg
 photo P1110541_zpsa27fef6a.jpg

 photo P1110542_zpsbb0ef1c1.jpgThis sounded really yummy! Which it was, I have tried dried coconut before and really liked it. It was nice to have each piece together as the flavour was better. 

Would I have this again? Sure!

 photo P1110543_zpsf237f71a.jpg

I liked the idea of having something crunchy and savoury with a dip and these were rather on the spicy side, after having a few. But all the same they were tasty!
Would I have this again? Yep!

 photo P1110544_zpsbc6bebce.jpg

I love my seeds and these sounded great, I was slightly unsure about the soy sauce and that it would taste weird. Unfortunately it did which was a same, it also had a weird after taste too.
Would I have this again? Nope

 photo P1110545_zps93e3c387.jpg
This was lovely, not too salty which I find some microwave popcorn can be. I watched this whilst watching last weeks episode of "Doctor Who" with a can of Lilt, it was lovely and something I would have again, there was also just enough for one person!
Would I have this again? Absolutely!

Remember if you would like to try a gaze box you can get your first one free by using this code Y7GWJKN.

Have you tried graze, what are your favourites?
Love Emily xx


  1. Oohh this looks so yummy! Was it worth the money you think? I love your blog!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

    1. It was! I think it is as long as you make sure you 'bin' all the things you know you won't like :) Aw thank you :) xx


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