9 May 2013

3 Tips To Keep Your Pores Clear In The Summer

Summer is finally upon us, and after the wacky weather we've had this past year, it's good cause for celebration. Warmer weather means everyone will be spending more time outside, which is great. Except, of course, for the fact that being outside and active causes us to sweat, which in turn causes our pores to become clogged. That, in turn, leads to blemish breakouts which are the very last thing we want during such a social time of year. It's a vicious cycle, but you can break it right at the source by using these three tips to keeping your pores clear during the summer months.

Tip #1: Wash Your Skin With A Gentle Acne Cleanser Every Single Night

You should always wash your face right before bed, no matter the time of year. It becomes even more important during the summer months, however, because you'll be cleaning excessive oils and sweat off your face. Depending on how active you are and what kind of facial products you use, you might also be having to clean off: makeup, sunblock, bug spray, dirt, sand, and who knows what else! So be kind to your skin and give it a good wash every night, without fail! No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, try to remember that the benefits of taking five minutes to wash your face greatly outweighs those five extra minutes in bed!

Tip #2: Use Blotting Papers Or Cool Water For Touch Ups Throughout The Day

If you're wearing makeup during the day, use blotting papers to gently blot away oils or sweat that might accumulate. If you blot them away before they have a chance to settle down into your pores, you'll be minimizing your risk of blemishes by more than half! If you aren't wearing makeup, you can splash your face with cool water during the day and pat it dry. You can do this anywhere that there's a bathroom, and it works to keep the oils, sweat, and dirt from being absorbed into your pores. As a bonus, this technique saves you money and keeps your blotting papers lasting longer- ready for when you have makeup to keep fresh!

Tip #3: Only Use Makeup When Necessary, and When Necessary, Use Modestly

During the summer months, you should only use makeup when necessary. If you have a formal event, night out on the town, or photo opportunity that requires you to wear it, go ahead and put your makeup on! Just remember to use it modestly, with the lowest amount of coverage necessary. Makeup can clog your pores, and extensive sweating or activity can increase the risk it will do so. If you're going to spend the day at the beach, go fishing, take a hike through the woods, or have a small BBQ with your family, there isn't really any need to put your makeup on. You should always keep your skin protected with SPF and protective clothing, however, to reduce the risk of sunburn.

These three tips can help keep your pores clear all summer long. Clearer pores means more naturally beautiful skin, and isn't that what we all strive for anyways? Do you have more tips for us and want to share? Or do you want to comment on something we've said here today? Go ahead and do so by leaving us a comment below. We're always excited to hear what our readers have to say!

Author Bio: Amanda is a make up enthusiast and author of SkincareHQ.org which features a report on the Best Foundations For Acne Prone Skin. Aside from writing about make up, Amanda loves to travel and one days dreams of going on an African safari. If you have questions or comments for Amanda, feel free to connect with her @Skincare_HQ on twitter!


  1. Some great tips. I love the idea of only using make up when neccessary, summer skin can often do without it.


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