2 February 2012

January Favorites!

Hiya Everyone, this is my first favorites blog post so hope you enjoy! (and hopefully there will be one every month!)

This shower gel  from lush is from their christmas collection and only comes out at christmas which is a bit of a downer.This smells AMAZING! This is usually £3.25 but at the end of christmas everyone of their christmas products goes on sale for half the price which is AMAZING (think I keep saying that too much lol) so I got mine for about £1.62 which is good value almost the same price as a normal shower gel! I've been trying not to use to much though as I don't think it will last until next year!

I have been loving  this scent from  Revlon - Charlie in "Chic" I really love the packaging of this and the smell is the best i am  not sure what it smells of as i have not really good at describing it but believe me it smells good and I got mine for a £1 as in tescos they had an special offer. Usually they are £1.60 or something in that price range which is really good value!

 really been loving this mascara from  Collection 2000 it is really great it really lengthens them  and at £2.99 it is a bargin!

I got this sample from  Lush of the R&B hair conditioner and I am not sure whether I will buy it as it costs about £10 but the smell is a little weird but it does the job! you can get samples from  the desk at lush and they will give you a little of it to tryout at home which I think is really good. As you don't really want to spend £10 on something then find out you don't like it :) Next time your in Lush ask for a sample!

This lip scrub (which I have a tutorial on my blog so check it out!) has done wonders for my lips this winter it really does keep them smooth and it tastes so yummy!

 Love this blusher from elf it is in the 'Shy' is a really nice natural shade and I really like it :)

 This foundation I have been using for the past month is really actually of quite a good standard foundation. At £3 something this has got to be good!

 Hides blemishes and redness very good at about £1.70 something great value!

 Been LOVING elfs's lipstick in classy (I really want to get another shade but unsure what...if you have purchased another colour from elf and is not too bright please leave a comment below thanks x) it is not too bright which I like and it also smells great too just like grapes, others fruits and sweets!

Last product I have been loving is my elf 32pc eye shadow palette and this has some great colours in it and different types from shimmery to nude and matte ones I really do love this and it was only £3.75 or without the 50% offer it is around £7.50 but still that is a good buy!

sorry it was a bit long...hope you haven't fallen asleep (lol)

until the next time bye bloggeroonies!!!

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