14 February 2012

Mahusive Shopping Haul!

If you know me when I go shopping I only buy about 4 or less things but yesterday I don't know what happened I just had a mahusive splurge, so to me this is alot of stuff.

Mango and Papaya Body Spray £2.03, Elegant Touch Nail Spray £3.65, Natural Collection Liquid Concelar- Fair £1.99, Collection 2000 Intense Eyeliner Pencil in Black £1.99

So first place I went to was Boots and I bought all the things above. As you saw in my shopping list I really wanted the vanilla body spray but in the end I found I loved the Mango and Papaya one instead it is SO fruity this will definetly be in my february favourites!

Then I have been wanting this baby for ages and after lot of ummm..no and ummm..yes I got it, it is the nail drying spray lots of my friends told me not to get it as you can just wait for your nails to dry for free (lol) but another one of my friends said to get it as they had it and it was good so i got it in the end!

After that I got the Natural Collection Liquid Concelar in 'Fair'. I really needed a liquid concelar and you can also use it as a eye primer and I really need a eye primer. 

The last thing I got from Boots was this intense eye pencil from collection 2000 and I really needed a new one as all of mine are all RUBBISH so I asked my friend Kaitlin (as she has this one) whether it was any good and she said "YES, IT IS SOOOO GOOD". So I got it :)

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Care £4.59, MUA Valentines Lip Balm- Sugar Lips £2.
I will defainlty tell you guys how I get on with my sally hansen and tell you whether it accually work :)

My Friend Izzy said that MUA had issued especially for Valentines day lip balms and Nail Polishes and as you can guess if you have ever eaten the sweets called "Love Hearts" you will know that is where the packaging comes from, I could not resist there was also a nude lip balm and a bright red. My friend that it has that same smell that MAC's Tinted Lip Conditioner it sort of has that vanilla scent. I didn't get the nail polish the packaging looks similar to "Models Own".

Strawberry Earrings £3, Gold Bow Ring (large) £2.50, Cupcake Earrings £3.
 I had still got a clarie's giftcard from my birthday last year and it had £5.50 on it so I thought I'd have a browse in there and see if I could see anything I liked, I had seen in there this really cute bow ring last time I went in then the next time I went in there it was there and I couldn't buy it with my giftcard as there was something wrong with the tills. This time I found it but it was in the wrong size I really only needed a medium but they didn't have any only small and large so I got a large as a small was too small. They also had a 3 for 2 offer so it all came up to £6 so I only had to pay a small fee of 50p.

Lush Times Free, Handcreams (left to right) "Handy Gurugu Hand Cream" and "Helping Hands Hand Cream".
I got these samples for my mum as she went in there ages ago and said there was a hand cream at the till and she tried it and it made her hands feel really soft, so the nice daughter I am got her a sample of it, but when I got there the lady said they had two types of hand cream and I thought there was only one so she said she would give me both (which I thought was nice!) 

White Camisole £2
Coral "Chicago" T-Shirt Primark £3, for me this T-Shirt looks a little in the style of "Hollister" do you think so to?

"Lacrosse" Label Bottom Right

I also got a pink zip up hoodie which was only £5 BARGIN sorry there isn't a photo it will probally be updated with one x

Love Emily

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