8 October 2012

Monday Feature: How to change up your room

Hey, I'm Shameta and blog over here. When I got an email from Emily to do a guest post, I was more than happy to do so. So this is my very first guest post. Today I thought I'd share a post on how to change up your room. Here are 5 of my top tips.

1. Paint your room
Painting your room will instantly give it a whole new look. Bright colours are great option if your room is small and you want to give an illusion that it is more spacier. Also bright colours just make you a lot more happier. 

2. Change your bedspread
Another tip that will give your room a whole new feel is by changing your current bedspread. This step is easier for those who don't want to paint their room. It gives the same instant change but a cheaper and less messier alternatif. Choose a bedspread that will reflect your room's theme. If your room doesn't have a theme then something that reflects you. 


3. Wall art
A wall collage is great for all you creative people out there. Photo collage and quote collage are really cool and cheap. Just anything that you like, find funny, has a special meaning stick it on your wall. If your parents are worried about ruining the wall, use blue tack or scotch tape. It is easier to remove them anytime and they won't ruin your paint like regular tape. Also you can find some cool wall art from craft stores to spice up your room.

4. Organization
If your room is always getting messy and no matter how hard you clean it returns to its original state in 2 or 3 days (Guilty as charged ), just start organizing. Ikea has some pretty great storage boxes and organizers for reasonable prices. You can even use perfume box sets, parcel boxes and cute baskets to organize your jewelry or makeup. Have a look around your house, you might find some pretty cool things. Once your room is cleared up, it will definitely look a lot different.

5. Personalize
Make that room yours. Picture frames, memory board, craft projects anything at all. DIYs are also fun ways to spice up your room without a hefty price tag. There are simple DIY jewelry organizers, canvas art and loads more. Just have a browse through Pinterest for some ideas and start crafting. I did a post quite a while ago so for a DIY earring organizer click here and a personalized cork board tutorial click here

Thank you Emily for letting me do this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe head on over to my blog for more.


  1. im going to check out your blog now xx


  2. i have never done a room make-over like this although i do a couple of stuff like moving things around, doing a wardrobe make-over.....you know, just the little stuff!

    1. I'm completely changing my room, paint, furniture bedspread, curtains..... I felt like a change. It's fun because it's like giving your room a whole new look :)xx

  3. I think personalisation is an amazing idea, it just makes the room more you and more unique.

    1. Exactly! You're going to be spending a lot of time in your room, so why not let it resemble you :)x


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