4 February 2013

10 random facts about Moi!

1. I am such a drama queen!
2. I love baking and creating new meals.
3. When I am older, I want to own my own cafe, by the sea. My room  also used to seaside themed because I loved it so much when I was younger. 
4. I used to be blonde when I was younger, I didn't dye it, I think it just got darker as I grew up.
5. I have never broken anything.
6. I had braces for 1 year. 
7. I am a bit of a bargain hunter, I will never pay over the odds for anything, I will always see if it is cheaper in any other shop. I will prefer to pay 1p less, if I see the same item in another shop. 
8. I have 6 fish that live in my garden in a pond (I did have eight, I got them as a birthday present, but both died :[).
9. I own 60 nail polishes. 
10. I really want to do skydiving, I think it will be so cool!

What is one random fact about you?


  1. i really want to go skydiving, and bungee jumping! xx

    1. It sounds so fun and cool, slightly unsure on bungee jumping! xx


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