18 February 2013

Lazy Day Make-up

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Sometimes, I don't fancy putting on eye shadow  blusher, or a heavy foundation. Perhaps it is a day when I am not doing much or just popping down to the shops. These are the items I use on those 'Lazy Make-up Days'. First after applying my moisturiser, I use my miss sporty 'so perfect' concealer under my eyes and on any outstanding blemishes I also add a little bit of my natural collection concealer on top as the miss sporty one is a little on the darker side for my skin tone. After rubbing that in (sometimes with my finger or on others I use my elf stipple brush) I squeeze a pea sized amount of the natural collection foundation on to the back of my hand, I use my stipple brush to blend this in, taking care to blend it into the neck, to avoid those horrible foundation lines. Now onto eyes, my personal favorite for giving your lashes a little something but with not a lot of drama. It adds a great colour, gives them just enough volume and length without going overboard. Last but by no means least, lips. I have been using this constantly after buying it, it adds a lovely nudey pink to your lips, which I love. 

What products do you like to wear when you are having 'A Lazy Make-up Day'?


  1. I sort of have your lazy make-up day as my everyday - god im so lazy!
    Great post emily! x


  2. I love lazy day makeup! I have never tried Boots Natural Collection. I like the idea of the foundation :) x

    1. Me too! It is a little bit of a grind sometimes, to do a whole face of make-up. You should they do have some great products :) x


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