14 February 2013

Where I blog from...

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I find these posts rather interesting, to know where bloggers create their posts and what they keep beside their computer.
So what I keep by my laptop is a pot, made by me. Surprisingly it is a tin can covered with newspaper and sea shells. Which I really like, this holds all the pens and pencils. I have some speakers which I like to plug into my iPod when I fancy like some music, they are from Ted Baker hence the 'Ted's in tune'. The ceramic cupcake is where I store my most worn earrings which was given to me by a good friend. I also keep my lip balm tin, with all my lip balms in them on the same dresser, just in case my lips are a little on the dry side. Also there is a 'Winnie the Pooh' frame which holds a picture of me when I was little. 

So where do you blog from, do you find these posts interesting (or is it me just being too nosy?!)


  1. great post, i love seeing where people blog from. the tin can you decorated looks really good! xxx

  2. I have that cupcake pot too! and I did the same kind of thing with a tin can but i wrapped wrapping paper round it instead. Great post! Love you blog by the way!


    Misha xx

    1. Snap! Cool, what pattern was on the wrapping paper? Aw thank you! xx

    2. Little candy canes and sweets, i got it from a lush product I got for christmas! and no problemo!xx

    3. That sounds lovely! :) xx


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