19 June 2013

Recent Favorites

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Badger Cuticle Care Cream
Since buying this from FeelUnique.com I have been using every night before going to bed, it has help my dry cuticles so much they now feel ever so nourished! If you are thinking of buying the burts bees one, perhaps try this first as think it might be something similar and this one is waaay cheaper!

Yes to Carrots Cleanser
Since featuring this in my Fragrance Direct Haul, I haven't really spoken about it since. When I bought this, I thought it was actually a cleanser which would be able to remove my make-up. I was wrong, it is just in the name. But that aside it is a really good product, it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and lovely and soft. 

H&M Nail Polish - Come Along With Me
This colour is lovely! I currently have this on my toes and it looks so pretty and summery. I think that H&M polishes have some great colours, definitely going to get some more shades.

Donut Bun
I have now mastered the art of being able to put my hair into a bun! I have been using this a lot recently. When I have been going into my exams, this was super easy to do in the morning. I knew by using this and clipping back my side fringe, I would be able to do the exam with ease. Without flicking my hair out of my eyes (anyone get that?).

Le Volume De Chanel Mascara - 10 Noir
I shan't talk about this too much as there will be a review on this very soon, but just to say that since getting it I am loving it so far. 

Vikor & Rolf Flower Bomb - Eau De Parfum
I can't really tell you what this smells like, but to me this smells like a business ladies sort of scent. Really sophisticated but kind of sweet smell.  

L'Occitane Vanille & Narcisse - Eau De Toilette
Again not very good at describing scents but this smells like vanilla and it is a lovely scent. 

Book Favorites: 
The Maze Runner: James Dashner
Bloodlines: Richelle Mead

Favorite Apps:
Candy Crush
Sunday Lawn
Sky Burger

Music Favorites
(youtube videos of the songs are linked)

What have been your favorites recently?

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