6 September 2012

I need some blogger help...


So I bought this hair donut from Primark and thought I would be able to achieve a really nice looking bun. I had been quite interested in how my friend Jenni got a really nice bun using this...I thought I could do this too..but it seems not :( I tie my hair back in a pony and then get the donut through the hair up to where the bobble is. Then I slide it up onto the tip of my hair, flick/fold the hair around the donut and try and I say try to do that scrunch and fold/turn in the hair and it does not work for me. I am not sure whether it is because my hair is quite hard to style/handle (e.g to soft) or whether it is not the right length but Jenni has shorter hair than me. I am not sure also whether it is because I have a lot of hair to start with (it is quite thick too). I have watched numerous tutorials on youtube but I can't get my hair to stay on to the donut. It just all falls out. I am not entirely sure whether I am making any sense...what I am trying to say is I need some help if you know some tutorials that you used and helped you. Could you leave them in the comments, please? That would be so helpful :) Thank you!!


  1. Ive got thick hair aswell and find this way of doin it quite painful lol it always gets stuck when im takin it off and im struggling for half an hour to detangle it haha What I do is put it at the bottom of the pony tail (where the bobble is tied up) and then swing the rest of hair over it, so it's sort of like a fountain covering the bun all around, I put another bobble over it, so now youve got the doughnut covered with a layer of hair and the rest poking around it like a flower (ha, my description is already hilarious:D), I take the poking out bits, twist them and wrap them around the bobble and put another bobble on the top of that or just pin the ends with hair pins:) Does it make any sense? LOL Tweet me @cityscapebliss if youre havin hard time understanding it haha xx

    1. Okay I think I understand what you are talking about hehehhe, I will tell you how I get on. Thank you for you help :)

  2. i have really long and thick hair and i cannot achive this look with this either, what i would suggest is either back comb the pong and see if that helps or, you can get bigger hair donuts for if you have bigger hair, the last place i saw the bigger ones was from claires i hope this helped xx

    1. Okay, I will try this and if it doesn't work I will have a look for a bigger donut. Thank you for you help :)xx

  3. when you get your hair in the bun, have you been gripping the hair to keep it in place, i learnt how to do it by this video





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