17 September 2012

Moustache Obession

Moustache Obession

I seem to go through some obsessions with either fashion accessories or logos. I have recently been obsessing over the moustache trend, to be honest I love how cool, different and interesting it looks. I defiantly want to get my hands on some earrings, maybe even that jumper, the t-shirt with maybe just the one moustache on the front and possible those socks! I also might see if I can do them on my nails. I think the whole idea is just brill and I love all those slogan/phrases like above. 

Do you have a moustache obsession?


  1. i am in love with it to



  2. You know the moustache nail picture on your far right top row is done by a youtuber called CutePolish. She did a tutorial on how to get the look, you should check it out if you're thinking of doing it. She makes it seem so simple :)x

    1. Yeah, I have seen a couple of her videos, thank you for the advice :) x

  3. Wow It's just amazing.I had search for new nail arts and collections I found this one really different. I did not try this one yet. Great job.

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