8 September 2012

My Skin Care Routine


I have been waiting for a suitable time to do this post, as I don't use a lot of skin care products. But recently I have been taking more time into it and trying to care for my skin, to make it clearer and healthier. I still have no clue at the moment what skin type I am, I think I might be normal with a little dry areas such as on my forehead and chin. So far by using all these products I haven't had any breakouts what so ever (touch wood).

Simple Hydrating moisturiser £2
I use this morning and night. Firstly I wet my face then, I just apply a pea sized amount of this onto my palms and rub into a lather. I then massage this onto my face and use circular motions. I do make sure I get into some places where spots for me, are where they mostly tend to crop up around my nose.

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash £2
Same again, I use my moisturiser day and night and it seems to keep my skin hydrated all day.

Johnson's exfoliating wash £3.05
I only tend to use this maybe once or sometimes twice a week, I have been looking for a exfoliating wash for a while now and am glad I pick this one up. I was going to buy one from simple but it wasn't in stock at the time. I was really excited about this when I was telling Izzy about this. I had never heard of something that when you rub the wash in your hands it changes from a liquidy wash to gritty sort of scrub...but me being me got all excited over it and Izzy told me there are many things like that already about. :( I still love it all the same and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean!

Wilko Fragrance Free Wipes £1
Just some plain old face wipes, I really like these ones from Wilkinson’s...yes you heard me right. They are really nice to the skin removes most if not all my make-up, great and they are always on 2 for £1.

Superdrug Eye make-up remover 
(which I can't seem to find on the website how much it is but I vaguely remember £1.09)
If the face wipes don't remove all my eye make-up, I just use this on a cotton wool pad and it does the job.

What does your skin care routine contain?


  1. I thought you won the Johnsons thing? Did you buy it instead? Nice post too! :)xo

    1. I did and then I bought another one as I liked it so much ;) Thank you! xx

  2. i dont really use that many skin care products ether



    1. I know I don't really know what other things to use... xx

  3. i don't really use that many skin care products either, my skincare routine is similar to your



  4. I have used the johnsons thing for years and I still love it xxx

  5. These are good tips in taking care of your skin. Well, one simple way to maintain our beautiful glowing skin is proper hydration, in other words, drinking the right amount of water every day. The average intake is 8 (8 oz) glasses of water every day. An added benefit of drinking water is it would help to alleviate fatigue.

    Cornell Finkel

  6. Knowing what type of skin you have is important. Why don’t you consult with your dermatologist? By knowing what type of skin you have, you know what products you can, and need, to use for on your skin. Anyway, you should stay away from vices too and develop healthy eating habits to nourish your skin.

    -Francis Powers

  7. Your story simply tells us that you really don’t need to use a lot of skincare products. As long as you have ones that effectively work on your skin, it’s enough! :) Just like you, I only use five or six products; but when winter comes, I tend to add more and change some of them.


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