17 February 2013

DIY: How to re-vamp shoe boxes with old magazines

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I am quite a creative person, like to be doing arts and crafts. I had collected quite a few magazines for example: Glamour, Boots Magazines, Dare (Superdrug), Jack Wills and Lush. If you saw in my "Where I blog from" post, on my desk is a post which is created from old newspapers. I thought I would do the same to this box, but add a beauty touch to it using some of the old magazines. 

The top/lid of the shoe box was quite dark, and when you laid the newspaper squares on it, you could see the box underneath. I got some lining paper (heavy wight paper which is un-sized), cut that into squares and glued them with PVA all over the box. Next I let that dry for a couple of minutes. 

Whilst it was drying, I cut out squares of interesting clippings, some of the newspaper titles were inverted. I really liked the effect/contrast of the different styles. So I stuck those on. 

I flicked through some of the magazines and found some interesting pictures, soap and glory, real techniques brushes, candy mountain from  lush, lots of Barry M nail polishes, perfume, Aussie and lots of words. For example, 'Nailed!' I thought this really suited the box, since it contains all my nail polishes, nail brushes, dotting tools etc..'Sparkle' was a nice one too as I like my glitter polishes. 

I really liked the outcome of this craft and want to add other pictures to it when I see them in certain magazines. This is a great way to use up old magazines that are lying around collecting dust and are pleading for a good use, rather than being dumped in the paper wast bin. 

Hope you enjoyed this long awaited DIY post, please tell me if you do it and send me a picture, I would love to see what you have created! :)


  1. wow that looks great!!xx


  2. Hey! In response to your blogpost I did some DIY using cut outs from magazines, I wrote a blog post on it and if you want you can look at it, tell me what you think if you do! http://xmisschilliex.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/decorating-your-bedroom.html

    Love your blog!<3 x

    1. Aww cool, I will check it out :) Thank you! xx


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