28 April 2013

My First Graze Box

I have wanted to try a graze bow for ages! When I saw some do a blog post on it and also gave a discount code for your first free box and your fifth, I just had to go and order one. Just to give you a round up, I am not particularly pleased with what came but what I should've done on the website is selected the ones I knew I wouldn't like and "bin" them before waiting for it to arrive. I now know for next time! Well, I will get one with the post and tell you what I got. 

 photo P1110435_zps3b865133.jpg
 photo P1110436_zpsa8521560.jpg
 photo P1110437_zps22fe4d05.jpg photo P1110438_zpsc59c0bbb.jpg
So the first one I tried was the "white choc raspberry cheesecake". I thought that the name of this sounded really nice but I was wrong. I like the chocolate buttons, nice a creamy and not too sweet I ate these alongside the hazelnuts. Which was lovely. But I don't actually think there was actually any dried raspberries in them and just cranberries (which I have found I don't like). 
Would I get this again?  No, as I don't like most of the ingredients in it. 

 photo P1110441_zpsb8113d56.jpg
I was a little bit  skeptical of this one, I was also rather intrigued to see green raisins. I suppose we never really see much of them in the shops just the purple ones. So I wondered whether they tasted the same. I have to say, I don't really like it, although giving this to my Dad he said he really enjoyed it!
Would I get this again? Not for me but perhaps, if it was for my Dad!

 photo P1110439_zps1a86ffc2.jpg

thought that I would like these, and I thought that would be ideal to have alongside my sandwiches at school. I think what I didn't like about this was the texture and the taste of the rice crackers themselves.
Would I get this again? Nope!

 photo P1110440_zps611e33f6.jpg
Now, this was my favorite one, in the whole box! It was lovely and light. If you have ever tasted lemon drizzle cake, it is just like it without the drizzle topping. If you are worried about the poppy seeds, you can't actually taste them or feel them! I haven't tried the fruit tea bag yet, but I will tell you how I get on!
Would I get this again? Yes, of course!

So overall a rather disappointing first box from Graze. I suppose you are now thinking that I will be canceling my subscription to Graze. I don't think I will be as there are many more things that have caught my eye on their website which I really want to try. Graze haven me a code to give to you guys for you all to get you first box free Y7GWJKN. When you get you first box and decide you don't want it, you can easily cancel it straight away and not have to pay anything! Please tell me how you get on!

Happy Grazing
Love Emily xx
(this was not a sponsored post)


  1. i love the sound of graze boxes, my mum used to get them and i loved them xxx


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