25 April 2013

Fragrance Direct Haul

I have really wanted to make a Fragrance Direct order ever since I heard of them. The idea of discounted make-up and skincare and many more things, just makes me giddy with excitement. So I just bought a couple of thing and thought I would show them to you and perhaps give you my first impressions on them. I will also link the item, if you would to purchase them (if they are still in stock). Just as a side note I ordered the Essie separate as when I ordered this lot they then cam back in stock...

 photo IMG_3360_zps43d4130f.jpg

Yes to Carrots Hand and Elbow Cream - £1.99
I have been looking for a really good hand cream lately, I like Soap and Glory's Hand Food. I Simply just wanted to try something new. It doesn't smell at all like carrots but it does have a light scent which I can't describe. 

Yes to Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser - £1.99
I haven't tried this yet so, can't tell you much about whether it is good or not. It seems to smell just like the hand and elbow cream. 

Royal Giant Paddle Hair Brush - £1.49
I have been wanting a paddle brush for ages and when I saw this for only £1.49 it was a bargain I couldn't miss. It also does a great job of de-tangling my thick mop of hair. 

Clearasil Wash & Mask - £1.99
This smells lovely and fruity, makes my skin feel super fresh and soft. I like that this is a multi-use product!

Sally Hansen Continuous Growth Treatment - £1.29
I haven't tried this yet, but I bought this to help my problematic nails. 

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Salon Nail Polish in Himalayan Blue - £1.49
This is a lovely bright blue nail polish, I love the brush on this polish. It applies really well, nice and thick. Dries in a pretty quick time. Will definitely be getting some more of these soon. 

Sally Hansen Cuticle Moisture Pen - £1.49
I have been looking for a cuticle cream/oil for a while now. This only contains about 1g but it seems to keep my cuticles in better condition than before. 

Essie Polishes-Fear & Desire and Moijto Madness - £1.99
(Yes, they are not in the picture as I bought them after and haven't had chance to photography them).
I wanted to get some more essie polishes, I thought that these colours would be great for the Spring/Summer. Lovely to have on your toes!

So I think that was quite a good haul! It all came to £17.90 including postage at £1.99 (second class and it came within 2 days of the “dispatched email”). Brilliant if you ask me, just watch it when you order and check the reviews on some of the products. Some don't match the picture of the product. 


  1. I love Fragrance Direct, definitely one of my favourite shops to buy beauty products from. I'm using that Clearasil wash currently, it's really good :)


    1. It is mine! It is rather good, so far! xxx

  2. I have to purchase things from Fragrance Direct I really want to get the hands and elbow cream sounds interesting



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