9 August 2012

Conditioners, conditioners & more conditioners!

So I have collected a bit of a collection of conditioners I suppose you could say and I thought I would share with you my feelings about them and whether they are worth buying them.


Alberto Balsam Sun-kissed Raspberry Conditioner
After a visit to my hairdresser she said I was getting a couple of split ends and asked me wehther I using a conditioner. At the time I was just using a all in one with a shampoo, conditioner & anti-dandruff (I don't have dandruff but I us it to prevent having it). So I went and bought this. At first in the shop I thought it smelt really sweet and yummy. But now it is getting a little sickly and I am not really sure about the scent. I only apply this to the ends and the lengths of my hair (as my hairdresser suggested for me to do). I am almost at the end of it, which I am pleased about they are quite good for the money. They have quite a good range of scents and also sell shampoos too!


Schwartzkopf Bio 
Pomegranate Conditioner

I was looking for a new conditioner and my friend said she had tried the shampoo of this and said it was really good so I couldn't find the Shampoo but bought the conditioner instead. I purchased this from pound land for (you guessed it) a £1 they have a great range of Shampoo and conditioners so I defiantly recommend you have a look in your local pound land!
What I do is shampoo my hair first and rinse that out until it runs clear and there are no soapy bits. I then get a reasonable blob and rub it in my hands. I apply a little to my roots and then work my way down the the ends and massage in I leave it in for about 1 minute and rinse out. I don't really like the fruit pomegranate as it is, but the smell of this in the conditioner really works well and leaves your hair soft and moisturised. This also kind of straightens your hair which is really cool and quite helpful I have not really come across a conditioner that does this. I will defiantly be re-purchasing it!

Soap & Glory Glad Day Intense Conditioner
I was around my friends house and we were talking about conditioners (as you do) and she said that this conditioner didn't really work for her so she gave it to me to try out and see whether it worked for me. I only really used this on the ends of my hair (as it said to do on the back), leave it in and then rinsed out. This smells a little tropical & floral, it does stay on your hair for quite a long time! I really like the consistency of this too! It is quite thick and I can see it has made a difference to my hair.


Sorry if this was a little bit of a long post for you.
What are you favourite conditioners and other hair products?
Love Emily xx


  1. Haven't tried any of these, but they look good. I'm a conditioner fiend. I usually use hair masks andnreallymlike the herbal essences one and the boots coconut and almond one. They're both as good as expensive ones I've used! X

    1. Yeah they all are good! I have heard a little about hair masks. I will check those out. Thank you! ;) xxx

  2. I love the Soap & Glory conditioners and I use Alberto Balsam conditioners a lot when dying my hair
    : ]

    1. Yeah I have only really tried this one but can't wait to try more. Yeah they have a great range of scents I think I will be picking up one of their shampoos when I go into town next xxx


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