1 August 2012

This or That Tag!

Hello! I have been  tagged to do this by the lovely Shameta, she has a lovely blog I would defiantly recommend you check it out!


blush or bronzer
Blush- To be quite true, I have never tried bronzer and not sure I ever will but saying that I might try it out sometime.

lip gloss or lipstick
Lipstick- if it is not too daring!

eye liner or mascara
Mascara- I could not live without it! Eyeliner if your talking on the top lash line is a little more tricky to apply and I don't have the time to fiddle about.

foundation or concealer
Concealer- My skin seems to be behaving itself (touch wood) so I don't really need much coverage.

neutral or color eye shadow
neutral. I always think it is a little too scary for me, I think they also look better!

pressed or loose eye shadows
Pressed. I have never tried loose eyeshadows but from what I hear they are a bit of a hassle if you are not a dab hand. 

brushes or sponges
Brushes- You can get a variety of brushes for so many different jobs whereas with a sponge (that I have heard of) can only really be used for foundation.


OPI or china glaze
OPI I think, but that is only as I haven't tried China Glaze but I have heard some great things about them so my opinion might change.

Long or short
Short- when my nails get too long they start too flake and long nails look a bit freaky in my opinion.

Acrylic or natural
Natural- I have never tried acrylic but they don't do much good things for your nails after :(

Brights or darks 
Brights- I think we all need a bit of colour in our lives when the weathers a bit gloomy. I even wear brights in the winter just to cheer me up! :)

Flower or no flower 
Flower. I love having any sort of designs on my nails, although sometimes it is weather I can be bothered to do it which is a shame...

perfume or body splash
Can I say both? :/

lotion or body butter 
Body Butter- It really helps with my dry skin and they come in such lovely scents!

body wash or soap
Body wash.

lush or other bath company 


jeans or sweat pants
Jeans- Although if it is one of those rainy days I find sweat pants (or in England jog pants) more comfy.

long sleeve of short
Short- even when it gets cold you can always put on a jumper/hoodie on top of it and still be warm!

dresses or skirts
Dresses- I have only recently got a couple but I love them! I am also very interested in purchasing some skirts and pairing them with camisoles. Great for summer!

stripes or plaid 
Stripes. I have a couple of top which have stripes horizontally and I love them! 

flip flops or sandals 
Sandals. They are a little nicer than flimsy flip flops.

scarves or hats
Can I say both again?!

studs or dangly earrings 

necklaces or bracelets 
Necklaces- Sometimes I just get a little annoyed with bracelets as they keep jangeling on my arm and getting in the way when I am writing.  

heels or flats 
Flats- Not really bought any make that none so flats.

cowboy boots or riding boots
Riding boots.

jacket or hoodie 

forever 21 or charlotte russe 
forever 21

abercombie or Hollister
Hollister- If I had the money!

saks 5th or nordstrom
Never heard of them!


curly or straight

bun or ponytail

bobby pins or butterfly clips
Bobby pins. 

hair spray or gel 
Hair spray.

long or short 

light or dark 
Light- I have light brown hair with little highlights of blonde

side sweep bangs or full bangs
Side swept and bangs.

up or down 
Mostly down but when it hot defiantly up!


Rain or shine

Summer or winter
Summer. I love swimming

Fall or spring

Chocolate or vanilla 

East coast or west coast 
East coast

I tag:


And of course...you! xxx

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