27 August 2012

WOW Thank you!

Hello, wow I didn't expect for me to come on here today and see a 50 followers on my dashboard. Wow!! I can't believe it...Thank you SO much! Maybe it is a little to soon to be doing a giveaway? As I am not that experienced enough yet (I don't think). So maybe a little later...hope that's okay?

Love Emily!
p.s Thank you again SO much ;) xxx


Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. It always makes my day.
I am not trying to be grumpy or rude, but please can you not put anything like "if you follow my blog, I will follow yours...or please check out my blog"
I do always try to have a look at your blog, if I like it yes I will follow it and maybe leave a comment. But otherwise I will not. Thank you!

I will always, write a reply within 24hrs. If it is a question or more in depth then you can either comment or if it is more in depth then you can always drop me an email (naturalbeauty532@gmail.com) xx

What posts would you like to see more often or your favourite type of post?