28 August 2013

LUSH Wants

I recently got the LUSH brochure, don't you love it when you can browse through a shops stock without leaving your house? I also much prefer it going on line..Well I thought I would put a post together of the things I would like to pick up.

I am trying to cut down on access spending mainly relating to make-up, nail polish and lip balms. I thought that if I allowed myself to spend it bath & body products, which I know I will probably like and make use of.  

Some of these items, I have seen in Lush before and smelt them, others I have not, so my opinion may change. 

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
The lip scrubs have always been on my wishlist. I think I have stuck with this scent rather than the other ones. Even though the price is quite expensive for a pot of sugar, I am very certain that it would last a while. It also smells amazing!

Vanillary Solid Perfume
I saw a blogger do a review of this, so when I was in Lush I had a good old sniff and try. It was vanillary as the name suggests, I can guess with it being a solid perfume, it may last a while. I am quite hesitant to pay £6.50 for it but if I get a lot of use out of it, I will be quite happy that I have got my moneys worth out of it!

Stepping Stone
My feet have been awful recently! So hopefully this will help. It is also not too hard on the purse!

Whoosh Shower Jelly 
I have the "Sweetie Pie" Shower Jelly, which I really love. Last time I smelt this, to me it smelt really manly...well it was a while ago. I would like to give it another chance as it contain citrus fruits such a lemon, lime and grapefruit. Which actually sounds lovely. I think that these are such good value too and last ages.

Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
This is one of their cheapest bubble bars, I think. I have smelt this in the shop and it smells very sweet and maybe like Snow Fairy. I don't have baths that often, if not at all. I think that showers are the most quick and efficient. However this would be a great to treat to the rare bath.

American Cream Conditioner
I am mainly putting this on here as it looks like it will smell great! I will probably pop into lush and ask for a small sample to try, after smelling it of course!

What have you been lusting for at Lush?


  1. The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar is gorgeous! It smells like Parma Violet sweets to me! Lovely products!



    1. That's good to hear! Thanks for your comment Katie :) Xx

  2. I can vouch for the lip balms! But, I couldn't do Bubblegum and instead got Popcorn. It sounded gross, but turned out smelling lovely and creamy!

    1. Oh dear, I am the opposite it tasted a bit weird the sweet & salty combo! Might have another bash at it! :) xx


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