6 August 2013

My Summer Holiday: Wells- Next- to- the-Sea

Hello! Did you miss me? ;) Naw, I thought so!

I hope you enjoyed the posts that I lined up for you, whilst I was away.

So last week, I went on holiday to Norfolk. Well we actually stayed in a cute little bungalow in Wells, but we went around Norfolk on days out. I thought I would show you some photos that I took whilst my stay and what I did. 

 photo IMG_3535_zpsa568f721.jpg  photo IMG_3545_zps2e824b49.jpg  photo IMG_3555_zpsc2df4002.jpg  photo IMG_3561_zps9c3ff268.jpg  photo IMG_3569_zps1e228805.jpg  photo IMG_3579_zpsa2395b61.jpg  photo IMG_3588_zps0be8efc8.jpg  photo P1120469_zps4c774a7f.jpg 
 photo P1120423_zpsdc5aced0.jpg
 photo P1120469A_zps218c1db8.jpg
 photo P1120456_zpsc8c105f4.jpg

 photo P1120444_zpsd213a312.jpg
I have no idea why there is a splodge on my trousers, I think it was from my bag, which may have been wet!
So basically, at Easter I also went to Wells and we went on a harbor trip around Wells. It was just me and my Dad that went, as my Mum didn't feel like she had the "sea legs" (she is pictured on the right). But this time she agreed to come with us. I have to say last time I really enjoyed it. It was a little on the cold and windy side. However, the weather was much nicer this time round. It was also interesting to see what had changed since we were there. The man on the right was the one that took us around, we went around the harbour and along the beach. He even let me have a little go, which was very fun. 
 photo P1120458_zps343096f9.jpg  photo P1120463_zps596c0fa3.jpg  photo IMG_3605_zps6f14de9b.jpg  photo IMG_3607_zps9a522acd.jpg  photo IMG_3610_zpse97d3d0c.jpg  photo IMG_3614_zpsa2379b1b.jpg  photo IMG_3625_zps53b120b8.jpg  photo IMG_3630_zps98541389.jpg  photo IMG_3651_zps0fa0bd89.jpg
 photo IMG_3638_zps67794cb3.jpg

In my mind you can never go to the seaside, without having Fish & Chips. This was sooo tasty!

 photo IMG_3639_zps658307dc.jpg  photo IMG_3644_zps4370c674.jpg

Again with the theme of "You can't go to the Seaside and not..." Who could not resist a fresh, creamy and cold 99p? No one! I have to say that John's Rock Shop does the best rock and ice creams ever. 

Also they do great Traffic Light Lollies, although I didn't buy them there this time. As they are much cheaper down the high street at only 20p rather than 50p each. I think I also went a bit mad and bought 12. But nobody sells them anywhere, where I live. Which is a shame as they are rather tasty!

So that was what I got up to, I hope you all had a good week and maybe you too have been enjoying a holiday. I would really recommend Norfolk and Wells. As there is alot to do and they have some great shops.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Great pictures too :)xo


    1. I did thank you Izzy! Aw thanks :) xx

  2. I love Wells :) I live in Suffolk and quite often go to Norfolk. Norwich is great for shopping and the broads are really nice too :) x

    1. It is the best place ever! Yeah, I've been there but not recently, yes they are :) xx


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