7 January 2013

Best Products of 2012


Soap & Glory Hand Food
I have spoken about this hand cream a couple of times. This is a great product for dry hands and smells amazing.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base + Top Coat
Through 2012 this has been the only top coat I have used for all of my manicures. It makes my nails polish last for ages and gives them a super glossy finish!

Soap & Glory Thick + Fast Mascara
This mascara is the best it lengthens my lashes gives them a little volume and colours them pretty well too. Maybe not one of the cheapest mascaras on the block but maybe worth the extra money. 

Revlon Just Bittern Balm Stain in Lovesick
After purchasing this in the Summer, I used it non-stop. Everyday with out fail, I love the pigmentation of this and the long lasting factor too. Something I do also love is the scent it has this super nice minty scent which is really refreshing. I will be purchasing some more colours in 2013 and maybe they also might feature in my 2013 favorites?


Alberto balsam Mandarin Shampoo & Conditioner
In 2012 I discovered "Alberto balsam" this is amazingly cheap hair care brand but also makes your hair feel super soft and smell fruitier than a bowl of fruit. I especially love the Coconut & Lychee one smells so tropical. 


So...? kiss me Fragrance
This is such a lovely sweet scent, you can tell how much, I loved this due to the amount which is left in the bottle. So..? have some great fragrances at affordable prices it is something not to miss.

Simple refreshing facial wash
This is a lovely product to give your skin a little boost in the morning. Just cleans it really nicely.

Simple hydrating moisturiser
(I have the full one too but couldn't find it, but couldn't go without featuring it in this post)
This is perfect moisturiser for people with sensitive skin or without. Even when my skin is feel really dried out this doesn't sting like some of the other moisturiser out there that I have tried. This is also really light on the face ideal for the hotter month when you don't want to much on your face.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter
This is the best body, on the market in my opinion smells great and nourishes you skin like no other. 10 out of 10 for this product.


elf eye shadow brush
This brand has the most affordable brushes on the earth and not only that, they are the best for their price too. This brushes do not shed at all and are so great for applying any sort of make-up suited for their job. This is a great shape for applying eye shadow and the bristles are so soft too. At £1.50 a brush they are the best you can buy!

elf crease brush
This again is a small yet really nice brush to use, just to add a darker eye shadow into your crease it is exactly the right shape to get into a small area. Great brush. 

elf Stipple Brush
This brush is amazing, a lovely brush to apply foundation with, it also gives your foundation a smooth finish. This one is from the Studio line at elf and is a little more money at £3.50 but still just as great!




Claire's Neutral Eye shadow Palette
I used this constantly in 2012 in this palette there is a great range of neutrals. This palette has probably seen better days, after numerous times of dropping it on the bathroom floor :L These eye shadows have great lasting power and have uber pigmentation. This comes around to the sum of £4.50 not too bad a palette.

So that was my 'Best Products of 2012" hope you enjoyed it!
What were yours?


  1. lovely products, i love the soap and glory hand food its the best hand cream i have tried xxx

  2. I absolutely love the simple light moisturiser too! It leaves you skin so soft and healthy looking :)

    Your blog is great! I've followed you. Check mine out and follow me back if you like what you see? xxxx


    1. It is an awesome product isn't it?! Aww thank you, I will have a look at yours :) xxxx


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