31 January 2013

January Empties


Dermatologica Cleanser
At the moment I am trying to get down on some samples, I found this in the midst of the collection and thought I would try it. Perhaps a mind blowing product, did the job. I could also use this to get off my mascara, which was handy. It was a really nice product to use, unsure whether it had any 'calming' effects. 

Dove Firming Body Wash
This was okay, it smelled quite fresh, there was no firming effects to my skin. Not sure whether it is something that develops after a few showers using this product.

Garnier 7 days Intense Lotion (Shea Butter)
I really love Garnier's body lotions, this smells wonderful and really does give your skin a little boost. After, I have used up my Mango one, I will probably buy the full size of this one.

Photobucket Garnier Summer Body (Light Sun Kissed)
I was worried that the darker one, would make me look...perhaps on the orange side. So I settled for this one, to be honest it didn't really do much but my friend Jenny had the darker one, and now I realise I should have got the other one. Well until next summer, I will remember which one to buy.

Photobucket Alberto Balsam Blueberry Shampoo & Conditioner
Me 'raving' about their shampoos and conditioners, I didn't think their would be a scent that I wouldn't like. How wrong was I...I don't what it is about the scent of these but it isn't really a nice one for me anyway. My friend Izzy also doesn't like this...(have you tried this, do you like it?)

What have you emptied recently?


  1. I have that Garnier one in the light shade and it's perfect for me cause I'm so pale! Lol :) It gave me a lovely bit of colour without looking like I'd over done it on the fake bake! xx

    1. Cool! xx I think I might need the darker one next time :) xx


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