5 January 2013

December Favorites!

Nails inc Polish in Motcomb Street- Since purchasing this is November/Decembers issue of Glamour magazine,  I have been wearing it non-stop. What I love about this is that is a super dark blue and in some lights it looks navy and in others it looks midnight black. After each application and then it chipping, I just re-placed it with another lot of the same polish. I have also tried doing some gradient gold glitter with it and it work really well (maybe an up coming post perhaps?)

elf Cream Eye shadow in Butter Pecan- I have loved using this, this month. What I usually do with this is apply the lighter colour as a sort of base/primer and it pro-longs the life of the eye shadow on my lid. These are really nice and creamy and easy to apply. 

Schwarzkopf got2b Heat Protection Spray- After finishing my TRESemm√© heat hair spray, this one was next on my list. It makes my hair feel super soft and protects it really well. 

Eye Lash Curlers- I have noticed a difference when using these to curl my lashes, they do keep the curl for a few hours and I like that the handles are quite easy to handle. 

Coconut Body Butter- This is really thick and nourishing on my skin, this smells so yummy too!

What have been your favorites last month?


  1. I love nails inc polishes! They're all so pretty & it's nice to get the 'freebie' ones in the magazines! I've been loving the superdrug dry shampoo (it's cheap & the orange top one smells divine!). Great faves!

    Check out my blog if you get the chance!
    Emily-Kate xxx

    1. Yeah they are great! Yes, I love anything with a freebie :) I must try out the superdurg dry shampoo. That's for the heads up! xxx

  2. i have the butter pecan duo, and it's great! it really makes eyeshadow more vibrant. great favorites! x


    1. Cool, it is great isn't it, it does! Thank you :) x


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