29 January 2013

Project Pan #1

I recently did a post titled "Save & Spend Scheme". But before I buy some of these goodies, I must get down on products which are half empty, almost empty or just taking up space! 



Elf Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette 
I used to love this the colours in this palette are such lovely neutral shades. For some, I have simply gone off of eye shadows, I think some times it might be the effort of putting it off. But I want to start using this again and also get it gone.

MUA Waterproof Mascara

Although this mascara is not true to its words (it being waterproof) it is really good at giving your lashes some volume as well as length and colour. The one thing I don't like about is the wand it is really small. 

Natural Collection Foundation
Quite sheer coverage, doesn't really last that long on the face, perhaps 4-5 hours. Just want to use this up to make way for my Maybelline foundation which I am hoping to get. 

Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Mascara
I went through a phase of loving this and now it has just to the back of my make-up draw. I want to start using it again, as I loved it so much, it just gives your lashes a nice little boost without maing them too dramatic. 

Rimmel London Day 2 Night Mascara
I kind of loved and hated this mascara, what I hate that it gives my lashes a really clumpy look. I want to use it up, but I might have to find away to use it up and not get clumpy lashes.

Miss Sporty Matte Foundation
This is a really nice foundation, quite light on the coverage front, but great if you don't have anything to hide (blemish wise). I just want to use this up to make way for my Maybelline one. 

NYC High Definition Mascara
Liking this to start with, it has sort of made my lashes slightly on the clumpy side which has made me slightly annoyed as I really like the wand and that it can make your lashes super black. 

Natural Collection Concealer
I bought this to use as a eye shadow primer, but as I went off eye shadow I didn't use it for that. I started to use it as a concealer, it worked quite well but as I want to get the infamous one my Collection (2000) I need to use this one up to make way.  


  1. This is my first time round at a project pan, and the products don't seem to be running out :(


  2. good luck with the project pan, i will not be doing it as i can never finish products and i have no willpower over buying new things aha xxx

  3. good luck xx



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