3 January 2013

December Empties


Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibac Hand Gel- I really love this, this is not just your bog standard handsanizter. It smells just like all soap and glory products do, nice and sweet smelling. I will defiantly be re-purchasing this. 

Mango + Nectarine Body Butter- This smell gorgeous, I used this a lot in Summer and only had a scraping left to use and I so sad it has now ended it life :( Although I got a set for Christmas and it included a body butter which smells just like this :D

Soap and Glory Flake Away- Another product I used through out Summer and had a little scraping left is this. This smells lovely and really makes your skin really soft. Won't be re-purchasing it straight away but definitely will purchase in Summer 2013!

Natural Collection Pressed Powder- This is good powder maybe not the best on Earth but it does a pretty good job. Probably not going to re-purchase this as I want to try out some other powders. 

Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner- This makes my hair smell so tropical and reminds me of when I went to Germany last Summer. This makes your hair feels so soft and nourished.

Sanctuary Body Wash- This is a really nice subtle relaxing product and is a real treat to use in the shower. Will be re-purchasing!

Charlie Spirit Body Spray- This smells great sort citrus and apple which is yummy. Will be re-purchasing this when I next go shopping.

What have you emptied in December and will be re-purchasing?

P.S Sorry this is a little late, but I can't go without doing the December empties and favorites as it feels like I haven't tied up the blogging year yet...


  1. I love Soap and Glory stuff,the packaging is beautiful!



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